Graduate in 2017? How to make the last months at college productive

    Becoming a graduate in 2017? Then as you close on the chapter of your college life, take care of these oft-forgotten things to make your college life productive.

    Hoping for the best of your college life? Make these moves as a graduate in 2017.
    Hoping for the best of your college life? Make these moves as a graduate in 2017.

    Placement drives, college annual fests, farewell parties, project submissions, exam preparation, there is a lot happening at college for final year students – especially a graduate in 2017 batch. And don’t even get started on the nostalgia that is setting in!

    There is barely enough time to get all the work done in the last few months at college before you set out for that first job or your higher studies. Yet, there is still a lot more you can get done which will immensely help your fledging career (in light of the fresher jobs available in the market) and here is what you should aim for in the productive last months of your college life.

    Things to do before college ends:

    Get ready to end your college life with a bang (Cooper Barrett)
    Get ready to end your college life with a bang (Cooper Barrett)

    Get academic recommendations

    Academic scores, summer internship experience and recommendation from teachers are very important for freshers. While it is an added advantage for companies to receive a letter of recommendation, it is definitely crucial if you wish to apply for higher studies either in India or abroad.

    Coming back a few months later to get one might not be easy and it is good to get a nicely worded letter when your interaction with teachers is still ongoing.  

    Update LinkedIn & social media

    Corporates are increasingly looking towards social media while hiring and it is important to make a positive impact through your social presence. When freshers update their LinkedIn properly, it gives great signals to employers about the seriousness towards a career. At the same time also remember that you are getting out of college soon and anything you put out there will be judged. So go easy on those hangover pics or bathroom selfies!

    Avail student discounts

    We are not talking about special discounts on food delivery apps here, although you make the best out of it too! We are talking about the great student discounts you can get to attend tech conferences, startup fairs, industry talks and industry clubs. Most industries try to engage students as they are working towards building a future employee base and building themselves as an employer brand. This is where you can get the best of knowledge and gear yourself up for your first job.

    Get certified with skill development courses

    While the last few months are busy with things to do, there is also a lot of time you get because you are done with your regular classes. There are several online courses where industry experts collaborate with universities to churn out the best and latest knowledge. This is particularly of interest to technology students where the industry demand changes every few months. These are also called MOOCs; you can find them on LinkedIn, Udemy, edX and even on university websites of MIT, Stanford, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, Yale and Harvard.

    Plan for your first job:

    If you haven’t made it through placements in college or you are still looking for that dream job then you should search for it during this time. Search through different avenues or simply write the AMCAT test which is an employability test which will test your employability skills and give you access to hundreds of job opportunities.  

    These last few months of your college time are crucial and will give you the freedom to test your strengths and weaknesses without the fear of failure. Make the best use of this time and of course don’t forget to make everlasting memories with your friends!