6 Simple LinkedIn profile tips to make you stand out

6 Simple LinkedIn profile tips to make you stand out

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Today students, employees are building strong, relevant and necessary connections through LinkedIn. But, are these profiles up to the mark to impress the employer? Here are 6 simple tips to improve your LinkedIn profile to get noticed by the client, customer, and recruiter.

#Tip 1: A professional picture

This may sound obvious but you would be surprised to know how many people use a picture that is blurred, casual, a group photo, distant picture where the face is not visible or even do not use a picture at all. According to LinkedIn statistics, your profile is 14 times more likely to be viewed with a photo than without one. A high quality professional photo will have a good impression on the employer. While getting clicked for your profile picture, wear something that you would wear on an important day at work or in a job interview. Your location can be your workstation, conference room or even near a window with a good view.

#Tip 2: Work on your headline

Your profile headline next to your name is the most important section. It is what determines whether the recruiter will read further. As a default it is your latest job position’s title but it can be much more than that. Remember, the word limit is of 120 characters. You can always include your expertise, core areas, capabilities and responsibilities. The main idea is to make it impressive and effective so that the reader digs down further. Headlines like MBA Student / Marketing Background / Expertise in Real estate industries can be effective.

#Tip 3: Keep updating on a regular basis

Status updates are an effective way to increase your visibility. You can post articles, pictures that you think can benefit people in your network. Share details about events you would be attending and keep people updating about your career perspective every now and then. You never know a small post of yours can bring you an opportunity that you were waiting for.

#Tip 4: Never forget your contact information

When you make your LinkedIn profile never forget to update your contact details. Remember to make it smooth for people to reach you. This certainly doesn’t mean that you will make the page crowded with lots of links. Ensure that you put details through which you can be contacted without any hassles. Check your settings to make sure your profile is public so that it can be easily seen in search engines outside of LinkedIn.

#Tip 5: A bit personal

Get personal but not too personal. Recruiters, customers, clients always want to work with people they can relate to which includes personal as well as professional aspect. You can talk a bit about your hobbies, interests, achievements and add volunteer work in the volunteer section. Research shows that profiles with volunteer experience get 6 times more profile views than others.  Never try to put too much of information about your personal life. It is not recommended. Your main motto is to connect better not to distract the reader.

#Tip 6: LinkedIn summary

It is always advised to keep your LinkedIn summary in 1st person. It is your opportunity to showcase your talent, personality and connect with people. Using 1st person gives an impression that you are genuine, real and authentic which is impossible if you are using 3rd person. Writing your summary in the 3rd person is something that you should try to avoid.

Don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile whenever you have any changes in your professional experience. Include information that can add value to your profile and delete details that no longer serves your purpose, on a regular basis.

Want to know more on how to make your profile effective? Watch the video below.