JAVA Developer

JAVA Developer

Data Scientist
Data Scientist

JAVA developers create dynamic applications and web interfaces. While some of them may be designing interfaces, some are completely involved in behind-the-scenes work. A developer’s job is involved in almost all stages of engineering: be it soliciting requirements, prototype design or product configuration.

JAVA Developer
JAVA Developer
Job Role and Responsibilities
  1. Defining site objectives as per user requirements.
  2. Designing and developing user interfaces.
  3. Integrating applications by designing database architecture.
  4. Creating multimedia applications.
Competencies and Skills Required
  1. Knowledge of Java, Java Applets is quintessential for this role.
  2. Great programming skills/
  3. Knowledge of web user interface design, software development process.
  4. Software debugging skills.
Assessment for the ‘RIGHT’ Java Developer

The following table illustrates how various skills and personality traits map to assessments required for the Java Developer role:

Java Developer ProfileAMCAT Mapping
Knowledge of Java and related skillsDomain Knowledge: High
Analytical SkillsLogical Ability: Mid to High
Numerical Ability: Mid
Communication skillsEnglish : Mid
Ability to deal with stress and follow proceduresEmotional Stability: Mid
Conscientiousness: Mid to High
Helpful Trivia 

AMCAT for Java Developers is a comprehensive suite of assessments covering both entry-level and lateral requirements.

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