Government Jobs Or Private – Which Is Better For Non-Engineering Graduates

Government Jobs Or Private – Which Is Better For Non-Engineering Graduates


government jobs or private jobs


The students who are on the verge of finishing college studies often ask what is better – Government jobs or private jobs? The non-engineering students have this continuous tug of war in their minds as they have more job opportunities in the private sector but stability in the government sector.

Since the decision regarding a non-engineering job can alter their career altogether, the students must weigh the pros and cons of, both, government as well as private non-engineering jobs to deduce a decision that advances their career in the right direction. This means they cannot be reckless.

In this article, we will shine a big light on what either of the sectors have to offer.

Government jobs vs Private jobs

While growing up we have always been fed that government jobs are better than private jobs. However, with the advent of startup culture, the young generation now loves their private jobs too much.

For non-engineering students, the choice is equally confusing. In such cases, the usual career tips are of little help. Here we will jot down the advantages and disadvantages of government and private non-engineering jobs.


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A growing number of private companies means more and more job opportunities in the private sector. While in the government sector, there are a limited number of engineering and non-engineering jobs, annually.

This sector is highly competitive as there are limited numbers of government jobs available for the exam qualifiers only. In the private sector, there are innumerable job opportunities.


Work-life balance

In government jobs, the employees have a fixed work schedule of 7-9 hours which leaves enough time for hobbies, fitness and, leisure. However, in private jobs, the employees are expected to toil harder each day to achieve targets. They are expected to outperform themselves on every occasion.



It is a myth that government jobs pay more than private jobs. In today’s times, both government jobs and non-government jobs pay equally well. In government jobs, the appraisals and promotions are scheduled while in private jobs, the appraisals are performance based.


Room for creativity

If you are someone who likes to take the path less treaded and innovation fuels your everyday activity then the government jobs aren’t meant for you. In the government sector, there is a big hierarchy of decision makers that leaves less or no scope for creativity. You become a cog in the wheel instead of the wheel itself.

In the private sector, there is more autonomy and scope for creativity. The private companies are usually fuelled by creativity. So, make your pick wisely.


Scope for growth

The government jobs can get mundane and stagnant after a point of time. But there is more scope of cross-department working which can also lead to promotion in cross-department too. The government sector promises fair appraisals, timely promotions, and internal exams to keep you on your toes.

On the contrary, in private sector jobs, you have the scope to widen your knowledge, enhance your learning curve, work with cross-country offices and interact with industry pioneers.


Goal oriented tasks

In government jobs, you are likely to be a minuscule part of a very big agenda while in the private sector you work to achieve individual, team and, overall organizational goals. There is not much of a difference in both sectors in this case scenario because in both situations you focus on short-term goals to eventually conquer long term goal.




Let’s be honest, there is equal number of advantages and disadvantages in both government and private non-engineering jobs. It is up to you to decide what sort of job fits your career plan.

So, whichever path you choose, the idea is to stay focused, dedicated and determined throughout the tenure. Find your calling and chase it until you’re there. TO find the right kind of government or private job for you take the amcat exam. Register on myAMCAT to lay the foundation stone of your career.

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