The Impact Of Multi-Year Assessment On Campus Placements And Employability

The Impact Of Multi-Year Assessment On Campus Placements And Employability


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“The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is PRACTICE” –  Vladimir Horowitz

We all are aware of the old and wise saying that “practice makes a person perfect!”. Observe the same in real life and you’d see how true this statement is.

It takes continuous practice and assessment at every stage to bring out the improvements and achieve the level of perfection we strive for. The same applies to educational skills that would help improve the rate of campus placements and make students employable.

It is not unknown that any college thrives to have 100% campus placements and keep up with the employability rate. It is not just a promise which they give to their students, but also a responsibility which they should fulfill.

With the increasing number of graduates every year, especially from the engineering domain, the competition to get placed during campus placements has grown exponentially. As it is, most of the fortune companies turn to elite universities and colleges for hiring, which makes the situation more demanding and competitive for other state and private colleges.

This, therefore, calls for taking some extra measures by the college administration and TPOs to ensure they prepare their students well to excel during campus placements.

Following the academic curriculum is not enough anymore. College administration needs to understand the importance of skill assessment for students and pay heed to the same on a larger level.

And, as said earlier, this should start early and not at the very final year, in order to ensure that the bottlenecks can be dealt with and required improvements can be made.

A very fine example of how multi-year skill assessments of students can help in campus placements and employability rate, is the CVR College Of Engineering, Hyderabad.

Aspiring Minds select the top colleges from every state in India for the prestigious National Employability Awards; based on the rate of placements done at the college. CVR College of Engineering has been a recipient of this award from 8 years in a row now.

So, what makes this college stand out from the rest in the entire state to grab the accolade?

The college administration and TPO team have been conducting skill assessments for their students from an early stage of their graduation for many years.

Students of the college are provided with AMCAT assessment exams from the beginning of their graduation, or at least by the 2nd year. This gives them ample time to assess the level of knowledge of each student from the batch and understand the areas which require improvements.

The focus of improvement is then applied to those areas and a comparative exam is conducted again in the subsequent year for the same batch. This multi-year assessment helps the college to eventually help the students to prepare themselves well for campus placements.

In fact, recently, the college conducted AMCAT for their 2019 batch students in the pre-final year and great improvement was noticed in terms of Mean Scores and Employability of students in the second assessment. Here’s what the results were;


AMCAT assessment


This clearly reflects the importance of conducting a multi-year assessment and the impact it creates on the performance of students in campus placements and the overall employability rate.

With AMCAT, conducting such skill assessment exams for college students is simple and most effective.

So, what are you waiting for? Fulfill the promise you made to your students by preparing them well for the campus placements from the very beginning and take the employability index of your college to a new zenith.

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