How To Be Time Efficient While Giving AMCAT Exam

How To Be Time Efficient While Giving AMCAT Exam

AMCAT exam preparation

AMCAT exam preparation

Taking the decision of giving the AMCAT exam is a right step in the direction of a bright career. AMCAT has been bridging the gap between recruiters and candidates for years and is tailor-made to showcase your skills. And, that is why it becomes really important that you score well in the test.

To prepare adequately for the big day, it is important to take note of the best ways to leverage your AMCAT exam preparation. Time management and proper practice can be the key to your success and to ensure that you don’t lose your cool or fret after looking at the exam paper.

So, to help you prepare for the exam here is the most definitive AMCAT guide on how to be time efficient while giving your AMCAT exam and succeed with flying colors:

Keep Record Of Time Spent On A Single Question

Time-management is intrinsic to your success in the AMCAT exam so make sure you keep a record of the time spent on a single question.

If you find difficulty in solving a question, do not squander your precious time sitting on it and proceed to solve other questions. You need to keep your eyes firmly ahead on the remaining time to maximize your question attempts.

For the different modules in the exam, time yourself depending on the strength of your AMCAT exam preparation and natural aptitude in each section. Try to take only around 45 seconds for a simple question to keep 1 minute and 30 seconds for difficult questions.


Work On Your Speed

You can attempt AMCAT sample papers and gradually improve your speed in these mocks to ensure that you don’t run short on time on the exam day.  Try to complete the practice problems in the set time frame. Track your efficiency for each module of the AMCAT exam to know about the areas where you take more time.

Don’t Panic

Lot of students panic or feel anxious while appearing for a time-bound exam like the AMCAT. Here, it’s important to not panic or rush to answer the questions without considering them carefully. A lot of students fail to perform well in the exam because they are too nervous to function properly.

If you feel panicky before or during the exam, stop everything and try to relax. Close your eyes for a few minutes and take a deep breath. If it helps, put your head on the desk, shake your arms, and move your head slowly from side to side to ease the tension. You have been practicing hard and practicing well and you will do well. Imagine yourself somewhere else where you feel happy and relaxed

Try to solve all the questions in AMCAT exam but make sure that you don’t mark wrong answers for questions you know well.

Maximize Practice Testing

Brushing up on your basics and building a solid foundation of the core concepts holds great significance during AMCAT exam preparation. So, it is important to give a lot of mocks to check your level of preparation.

Since AMCAT is an adaptive test, you can build your judgment about the questions and exam format by taking prepAMCAT. Taking the test will help you to know the modules, the test environment, get familiar with the adaptive nature of questions and know your strengths and weaknesses.

So, make the most of your hard work and perseverance by smartly doing your AMCAT exam preparation, and score well. Manage your time efficiently to unlock the opportunities for success.


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