AMCAT Preparation Guide On How To Crack The Exam

AMCAT Preparation Guide On How To Crack The Exam

Here is the AMCAT preparation guide you need to crack the AMCAT exam and be eligible for the best and high-paying job options. Learn what the guide holds for you and start implementing.

Tips and tricks to crack the AMCAT test
Tips and tricks to crack the AMCAT test

AMCAT bridges the gap between recruiters and candidates. It assists you in your job search and helps you on with the best fresher jobs. Hundreds and thousands of people realise the importance of the AMCAT exam every year and opt for it. With more people opting for the test, the competition is obviously higher with each passing year. And, that is why you need your own AMCAT preparation guide to score well in the test and get the job of your choice.

Preparing for the AMCAT test requires a good deal of smart hard work and a zeal to succeed. So, here is our step-to-step guide to help you on.


Focus on the basics

The AMCAT test is very intuitive and tests you on your understanding of the subject. As such, it becomes really important that you should start working on your basics and strengthen your core before attempting the test.

You can start by revising books from the first and second years and then building on that knowledge.


Attempt sample papers

Practice is the key to make you perfect. And, if you want a perfect AMCAT score, you need to sit and solve sample papers as much and as often as you can manage.

Sample papers can give you a fair idea of what to expect from the test. However, that is not enough. AMCAT requires you to attempt a maximum number of questions correctly in a given time frame. So, when attempting the sample questions, you need to keep an eye on the time taken.


Work on your speed

This is in continuation to attempting the sample papers and is an important aspect of preparing for the AMCAT exam.

See how much time you spend on each question. Try to increase your speed by attempting more and similar questions every day. Give yourself a time frame for each module and stick to it.


Make a timetable

Working according to a timetable makes it easier to judge your own progress. It also ensures that you know what you need to do to complete the syllabus in the number of days left for the exam.

Make a timetable for each day leading up to the test. Here is a sample of how you can and should do it.

According to this timetable, you should give prepAMCAT on the 7th day, after you are surer of your preparation. Once you have given prepAMCAT you can start with this timetable all over again and schedule the AMCAT test for the last day.


Take prepAMCAT

As you can see from the timetable, we have reserved the 7th day for prepAMCAT. If you don’t have as much time left and want to test your readiness for the test, then you can take prepAMCAT beforehand.

PrepAMCAT helps you judge your own preparation and which are the areas which still require work. PrepAMCAT works on the same lines as the real AMCAT test and is your ultimate AMCAT preparation guide. The questions asked are from previous AMCAT exams and are time bound.

The test is adaptive and the difficulty level goes up or down according to how you perform. PrepAMCAT is meant to help you prepare better for the AMCAT, score well and open the door to bigger and better job opportunities.


This was our AMCAT preparation guide to help you score better in the AMCAT exam. You can pick up things which you think will work best for you and prepare for the AMCAT test accordingly.