AMCAT concept: The Structure And Difficulty Level Of The AMCAT Exam

AMCAT concept: The Structure And Difficulty Level Of The AMCAT Exam

AMCAT exam
The structure and difficulty of the AMCAT exam

Aspiring Minds’ Computer Adaptive Test is an employability exam. It assesses you on your skills and readiness to face challenges associated with the job role. However, just giving the AMCAT exam is not sufficient. You should work to get a good AMCAT score. Getting a good score in the exam while make you shine from the crowd and manifold your chances of bagging the job of your dream.
So, to get a good score, you need to understand the structure of the AMCAT exam and how difficult the questions can be.

Structure Of The AMCAT Exam

As the name suggests, the AMCAT exam is a computer-adaptive test which means, the next question depends on the answer of the test taker. Because there are many streams of studies and job profiles. Hence, AMCAT evaluates students from various fields. Therefore, the test consists of many sections and modules which you can choose from. In the exam, there are two modules – Compulsory and optional.

Now, there are majorly three compulsory modules you are judged on.

  1. English: This checks the candidate’s ability to communicate in both written and verbal form. Questions are related to Vocabulary, Grammar and Comprehension.
  2. Logical Ability: This assesses the candidate’s ability to interpret things objectively. And, to interpret trends and analyze the assumption behind the statement. Questions are based on deductive reasoning and Inductive reasoning.
  3. Quantitative Ability: This module will judge your numerical skills and is available for both technical and non-technical candidate. You will get questions from Basic Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Number Theory, etc.

Now, after compulsory modules, you have to choose at least one optional modules based on your domain knowledge and area of interest. You can choose from a vast collection of modules. The modules are broadly divided into three categories – General, Engineering and Management. The syllabus of the optional modules can be found on the AMCAT website.

Difficulty Level Of The AMCAT Exam

As you already know that AMCAT is a computer-adaptive exam. The level of difficulty depends on your answers and how correct they are.
For instance, the first question you will get is of medium difficulty. And, as you answer each question, the computer scores your answer and select the next question based on your response. Now, if you answer the question correctly, the computer will give you a harder question. However, if you answer incorrectly, your next question will be relatively easier.
This will continue until you complete the section. Moreover, when answering, you will not be able to skip, return to, or change your answers.


Now, you know the structure and difficulty level of the AMCAT exam. You should aim for a good AMCAT score. A good AMCAT score will tell the recruiter that you have the required skill and are job-ready. Moreover, having a good score will surely back your candidature up. And, it will make your job search experience as easy as possible.

So, start preparing for a good AMCAT score and show the recruiter what you got.

Best of luck!


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