What Is The AMCAT Exam Syllabus For Automata Fix

What Is The AMCAT Exam Syllabus For Automata Fix


AMCAT exam - Automata Fix syllabusThe AMCAT Automata section in the AMCAT exam works to evaluate a candidate’s programming skills. With questions specifically designed to test a wide range of adaptive programming problems, Automata Fix is the ultimate litmus test for any programmer.

Automata Fix assesses a candidate based on their knowledge of Data Structures, (sorting and searching) Algorithms and concepts like Recursion, Dynamic Memory Allocation and Modular Programming. The Automata Fix syllabus broadly compiles of knowledge of C, advanced C concepts and Data Structure. It basically tests a candidate’s ability to identify bugs and correct them.

Automata Fix test syllabus

In the Automata Fix module of the AMCAT exam, candidates are given codes and are expected to identify the bugs correctly or write a new functionality based on the functions and the codes given. This hands-on test ensures that the candidate’s real skills shine through and recruiters get a fair idea of their capabilities.

The Automata Fix section consists of 7 questions and the candidate is given 20 minutes to solve them. And, like all the other modules of the AMCAT exam, this module is also adaptive and thus the questions are based on your previous answers.

Logical Errors: In these type of questions, you will need to correct all the illogical errors in the code. To solve such errors you would need to know about concepts such as looping, conditions etc.

Compilation Errors: Here you would be expected to correct syntax errors without changing the logic of the code. You will be provided with the logic along with the case study questions.

Code Reuse Errors: As compared to logical and compilation error, ‘code reuse error’ is a bit difficult. In this, you will have to complete the given code by reusing the function. Details about the function/classes will be provided to you.

Code checking your way

In Automata Fix, you will be marked on the basis of the quality of the code.  Then, the industry compatibility of it will be taken into consideration.

The complexity of the code will matter a lot too and it should pass through the different levels of test cases. It is this through checking that makes Automata Fix so reliable and dependable. In fact, now more than ever, a huge number of recruiters now look for a candidate’s Automata Fix score.

Once a candidate is done with the AMCAT Exam, a detailed report of both the subjective and objective evaluation of the code is prepared. This report talks about a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and what makes or doesn’t make them a good investment.


So, this was all in the AMCAT Exam syllabus for Automata Fix. If you are looking to prove yourself in the IT industry with your knowledge of programming and development, then Automata Fix is the way to go.

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