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Ever wondered having a job guide that tells you Do you wonder which job profile you are most suitable for ; helps you understand why are you unable to clear the written test of companies; and also tells you how to qualify for a job and improve on your weaknesses ??

The AMCAT feedback report solves exactly all these problems for you and becomes your first job guide!

AMCAT is the only employability test in India, which provides a detailed feedback about your strengths/weaknesses, job-fitment and how to improve. You may put your resume on 100s of job portals, but will never get to know why you aren't being shortlisted or able to get a job. If you don't know the reason, you won't be able to improve. If you do not improve, you won't get your first job. It is a vicious circle that needs to be broken.

AMCAT Feedback Report guides you towards getting your first job!

Taking the AMCAT gives you 14-page feedback report providing you a plan for next steps. Remember, this feedback is based on a test which is accepted by 550+ companies, including 40 out of India's top 500 companies. It tells you:

Your NATIONAL PERCENTILE in all AMCAT modules and your strong and weak areas

* Performance Chakra: You have done really well in all the sub-modules marked in green, average in those in yellow and poorly in those in pink.
* Programming gets replaced by the domain module you take.

Your fitment in different roles/sectors, their requirements and how to improve

* Profiles are chosen according to your education degree

You should start preparing for interviews for profiles where you are highly employable. For the areas,where your employability is low, but you find them very interesting, you should start working hard to improve yourself! In the last column in the table above, we tell you which modules to work on, in each profile.

A study plan, suggestions and tips on how to improve:

* And a lot more including your personality.

If you want to plan your journey to your first job with great guidance, take AMCAT now. The AMCAT feedback report will guide your how exactly to take the next step...

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