Interview Secrets You Wish You Had Known Earlier

Interview Secrets You Wish You Had Known Earlier


An interview is an ultimate test in the corporate world for determining a candidate’s qualifications, talents, and suitability for the position. It is true that a recruiter develops his own way of conducting an interview over time, the bottom line is that he needs to get the correct professional, psychological, and functional insights from candidates in order to make the best hiring decisions for his company.

Interviews are one of the most effective screening tools for recruiting candidates. It’s not always easy to figure out how many rounds of interviews are necessary for a given position. Here is what you need to know if you’re wondering how many rounds are required for a successful interviewing method.

Entry-level positions, on average, do not require as many rounds as executive ones. Most of the time, just one or two questions should be enough to assess if the candidate has the required potential or not. In an interview, there are a lot of stages that are usually not counted or considered as part of the interview, but one needs to be prepared so that their chances of selection will be high.

If you want to be considered for an interview, your resume must grab the reader’s attention within seconds. Recruiters and hiring managers receive hundreds of applications for a single position, and they sometimes only have time to scan resumes before deciding whether to progress candidates to an interview. Recruiters may look at your resume for a short while, but that one-page summary of the candidate makes an impact in their mind which is sufficient to decide whether to select or not. An unstructured resume can reduce your chances of getting selected in the first place. So, a complete guide to write the best fresher resume style can help you land the job you’ve always wanted. If you’re looking for your first job, you might be unclear about what to include on your Resume.

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With AMCAT’s Resume Buddy, you can not only create a professional skill resume but also can analyze your current resume and get a detailed feedback report to make it better. You can choose from 35+ industry-standard professional resume templates to get an edge at the first sight itself. Resume Buddy’s AI recommended power verbs and word suggestions to build an effective resume.

People with good English fluency are reported to earn 30-40% more than their peers who don’t. Job interviews can be tricky, you must first deal with anxiety, then articulate yourself effectively, and then ensure that you have covered all the required areas in order to offer the greatest possible image of yourself and that too in English. It is difficult to connect and recall words when they are needed; even if you have spent countless hours remembering a list of vocabulary, and idioms, it never comes out correctly at the right moment and place, and you end up becoming conscious in front of the recruiters.

So, how do you intend to brush up on your English skills and become a true master in the language before attending an actual interview? Taking AMCAT’s MyEnglish is the ideal way ahead. MyEnglish uses the latest Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology, it evaluates your English speaking, writing, and listening skills accurately. Also, it provides you detailed feedback on your strong and weak areas and recommends tips for improvement.

Non-verbal communication is an interview round is as important as verbal communication. Managers will not only listen to what you say during an interview, but they will also read your body language. Hand motions, eye contact, and facial expressions are all subtle nonverbal clues that convey a lot about how you’re feeling.

Interviews for jobs have never been easy. You’re likely to get the same pre-interview goosebumps whether you’ve been interviewed before or never. The idea is to project a calm, comfortable, and confident demeanor through good body language and gestures. This powerful visual can help to establish trust in what you’re saying during the interview. What if you are not even aware you’re making mistakes, what can upset the interviewer, or how you can improve?

AMCAT’s Mock-AI evaluates your interview skills. Get a more realistic interview experience of facing the interview while sitting at home. One can assess their suitability for over 20 coveted job roles. Using the latest machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technology, Mock-AI assesses you for your body posture, facial expression, and voice modulations.

Regardless of the specifics of the job you are interviewing for, sometimes the company may ask you to qualify for a written test, and the outcome of the written test can have a direct impact on your overall results. The written test generally takes place during the interview or online before the interview. Candidates go unprepared for this specific interview round and loose the chance to go on to the next round.

AMCAT’S PrepAMCAT, is a simulation of the real exam. It will provide you with an accurate picture of your current situation and how well you are prepared for the written interview round exam.

AMCAT is a computer adaptive test that assesses job applicants in areas such as communication, logical reasoning, quantitative skills, and work-specific domain skills, allowing recruiters to determine a candidate’s suitability. AMCAT strives to help institutions and companies by choosing the ‘right’ individual rather than the ‘best’ individual.

Everything you need in your Job Hunt Kit – To make yourself interview-ready is combined in a bundle called AMCAT PREMIUM. It includes Resume Buddy, Mock-AI and PrepAMCAT. You can take MyEnglish separately. All these tools are essential for your job search and will aid in your preparation. All these tools work together to help you move closer to your desired job.