Benefits & Future Of Green Energy

Benefits & Future Of Green Energy



Benefits of renewal energy

Green Energy is a priority discussion topic today for many governments, businesses, and individuals. Green energy is natural renewable energy generated from wind, sunlight, or water which replaces the use of non-renewable materials like coal and oil. Non-renewable sources are in shortage now and adversely impact the environment. Whereas Green energy is a clean energy source that emits few to zero greenhouse gases thus preventing the atmosphere from pollution.

The word green energy is often used interchangeably with Renewable energy however there is a slight difference between both. Green energy comes from natural resources which are renewable however all renewable energy sources are not green. An example is a hydroelectric dam that uses water to create hydropower. The process of creating hydropower is not green since the dam creation causes deforestation and impacts the local environment.

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Climate change has the potential to stymie human progress in practically every field. Food production, water supplies, ecosystems, energy security, and infrastructure are all at stake. The excess amount of water used to power plants burning fossil fuels has led to Climate change with droughts and floods becoming more common. These adverse weather events affect people living in lower-middle-income and low-income countries impacting thousands of homes every year, forcing people to become homeless, and even causing fatalities.

Green energy is the need of the hour as our reliance on conventional sources of energy has led to increased global warming. The use of coal and oil releases harmful gases into the environment which impacts both human health and the natural ecosystem. Even the extraction of oil and coal can impact economies and the environment. Green energy tackles these issues and can create a sustainable future. As it ceases the release of harmful gases, the ozone layer will be able to recover itself and our air will become purer.

Green energy will not only protect the environment but will also create millions of jobs. India is already a growing marketplace for use of renewable energy and with the current energy target, India can create over a million new jobs by end of this decade. The creation and implementation of green energy is more labor-intensive than conventional fuel technologies and thus creating more domestic job opportunities.

Greener energy sources are becoming more affordable at the same time that fossil fuels are becoming more expensive. Development and investment cost in green energy is low and as it is globally becoming cheaper; more countries are opting to invest. With the rising demand, they are currently attractive investment opportunities in the wake of the coronavirus impact. As energy prices fall, people’s real income grows as well. Thus, investment to increase production with cheap energy creates economic growth in the poorest regions.

Green energy will continue rising in this decade, eliminating the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. This energy is part of the future of the planet, offering a better alternative to today’s fossil energy crisis. By developing green energy solutions, we can create a totally sustainable future for our energy provision. And this energy is not only about protecting the environment, but also creating job opportunities and economic viability as development continues.