Benefit Of Getting A Good Score In Your AMCAT Exam

Benefit Of Getting A Good Score In Your AMCAT Exam


AMCAT exam

AMCAT is an employability exam which assesses you on your practical knowledge and readiness to face challenges associated with the chosen job role. Moreover, AMCAT is designed in such a way that you can validate your skills in front of the recruiter. In addition to that, there are two modules (compulsory and optional) in the AMCAT exam.

The compulsory modules judge you on skills that are relevant to all the job roles. However, the optional module focuses specifically on job-relevant skills. You have to choose at least two modules based on your skills and area of interest. The combination of both will show the recruiter how skilled and job-ready, you are.

After choosing the modules of your choice, the next step is to prepare for the AMCAT exam and get a good AMCAT score to stand out from the crowd. Now, the real question arises, how beneficial is a good AMCAT score to your job search? So, read on to find an answer to this question.

What is a good AMCAT score?

There are five compulsory modules (six if you are an MBA student) and at most, two subject modules that you need to ace in. In the optional module, you need to score a minimum of 550/900. In the case of compulsory modules, your score should be –


The minimum AMCAT score for this would be

For Engineers – Above 450

For Graduates – Above 500

For MBAs – Above 550

Quantitative Aptitude

The minimum AMCAT score would be

For Engineers – Above 500

For Graduates – Above 500

For MBAs – Above 500

Logical Reasoning

The minimum AMCAT score would be

For Engineers – Above 450

For Graduates – Above 400

For MBAs – Above 425

Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory

The minimum AMCAT score, in this case, would be

For Engineers – Above 550

For Graduates – Above 400

For MBAs – Above 550

Although a good AMCAT score is very subjective and varies based on the company’s requirement, a score of more than 550 in only the modules is considered to be a good AMCAT score.

Benefit Of A Good AMCAT Score

The AMCAT helps you showcase your skills. Through a good AMCAT score, you can show the recruiter whether your skills are practical and result oriented or not. Plus, AMCAT is not about what you know but about how you can apply your knowledge of these concepts.

Moreover, a good AMCAT score will tell the recruiter that you are ideal for the job role and maybe give you leverage over other candidates, irrespective of your academic performance. However, for that, you need to have an exceptionally good AMCAT score. Hence, having a good AMCAT score in your kitty can surely make your job search experience easy breezy.

How To Get A Good AMCAT Score?

Now that you know what is a good AMCAT score and benefit of the same, the next step is to start preparing for it.

Syllabus: The most important thing that will help you with your preparation is the syllabus of the exam. You must be thorough with the concepts and topics coming in the AMCAT exam. Moreover, you should know the syllabus of both the compulsory modules and the optional modules.

Sample Papers: Kickstart your preparation with the sample papers for each section to get a hang of the type of questions you will get in the exam.

PrepAMCAT: The simulated version of the actual AMCAT exam will help you get comfortable with the exam pattern and the level of difficulty. Moreover, you will be able to identify the areas where you lack.

A good AMCAT score can actually transform your career graph. So, start gearing up for the AMCAT exam and start your career with a dream job.



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