What Is The Syllabus Of The AMCAT Exam For Compulsory Module

What Is The Syllabus Of The AMCAT Exam For Compulsory Module


 AMCAT exam

AMCAT exam is the exam of your skills and job readiness. Moreover, through your AMCAT score, you can show the recruiter that you are the ideal candidate for the job role and have all the required skills. So, now comes the challenge of how to get a good AMCAT score which will make you stand out from the crowd.

The most important thing to get a good score is to know the syllabus and be aware of the topics where you will face problem in future. Hence, here is the detailed AMCAT syllabus for the compulsory module.

Importance of knowing the syllabus

A syllabus acts like an instructional manual that helps you understand the standard of the test. Moreover, you will get a fair idea of what to expect in the exam. It also guides you to the topics and concepts based on which the students will be assessed.

In addition to all this, just a glance at the syllabus will help you find the areas where you might lack. Now, this will give you a chance to focus more on your weaknesses from the very beginning. Plus, you will get enough time and space to practice for the exam through sample papers, mock exams and more.

Hence, you should be well-versed with the syllabus of the exam, especially when the exam is AMCAT. And, the reason is that unlike other conventional exams which judge you on your theoretical knowledge, AMCAT evaluates you on your skills and job readiness. Therefore, it is important that you know the syllabus to kickstart your preparation.

AMCAT syllabus for the compulsory modules

In the AMCAT exam, there are two module categories – Compulsory module and the optional module(s). Now, before telling you the syllabus of compulsory modules, let us brief you about the optional modules.

In the exam, you will have to choose two domain-specific modules as per your choice of profile or education background. Moreover, before choosing the modules, it is better to go through the module description, associated job profiles and the syllabus to make a known decision. The syllabus of the optional modules is here.

Now, coming back to the compulsory module. Under these modules, all the sections are relevant to all the job profiles. Meaning these are the skills that everyone should have irrespective of their targeted job profile or educational qualifications. There are majorly three sections that you will have to prepare for

1. English

Module Description


The English section of the AMCAT exam measures your ability to read and understand the written material. In addition to that, it also aims to determine your ability to interact and express ideas adequately in standard written English.


And, this section consists of 18 multiple-choice questions that you will have to do within 18 minutes of module duration.

The syllabus of the module is divided into three headings


a) Synonyms

b) Antonyms

c) Contextual Vocabulary


a) Error Identification

b) Sentence Improvement and  Construction


a) Reading Comprehension


2. Logical Ability
Module DescriptionSyllabus

The logical ability module tests your ability to interpret and analyze logical arguments. Moreover, it judges your capacity to think objectively and explain the assumption behind an argument or statement.

And, you will have to solve 12 questions under 15 minutes.

The detailed syllabus of the module is as followed

Deductive Reasoning

a)       Coding deductive logic

b)       Data Sufficiency

c)       Directional Sense

d)       Logical Word Sequence

e)       Objective Reasoning

f)        Selection decision tables

g)       Puzzles

Inductive reasoning

a)       Analogy Pattern Recognition

b)       Classification Pattern Recognition

c)       Coding Pattern Recognition

d)       Number Series Pattern Recognition


3. Quantitative Ability
Module DescriptionSyllabus

The quantitative ability of the AMCAT exam measures your ability to evaluate to analyse quantitative problems and solve them correctly. This module is available in both technical and non-technical variation.


Moreover, if you choose quantitative ability tech, then you will get 20 minutes to solve 16 questions. However, if you choose just quantitative ability, then you will have to solve 14 questions in 20 minutes.

Quantitative Ability

Basic Numbers

a)       Numbers

b)       Decimal Fractions

Applied Mathematics

a)       Word Problem Interest

b)       Word Problem Inverse

c)       Word Problem Profit

d)       Word Problem Speed

e)       Word Problems

Number Theory

a)       Divisibility

b)       HCF and LCM


Quantitative Ability (Tech)

Basic Mathematics

a)       Divisibility

b)       HCF and LCM

c)       Numbers

d)       Decimal fractions

e)       Power

Applied Mathematics

a)       Profit and Loss

b)       Simple and Compound Interest

c)       Time, Speed and Distance

d)       Inverse

Engineering Mathematics

a)       Logarithms

b)       Permutation and Combinations

c)       Probability



This is the syllabus of the three major sections of the AMCAT exam’s compulsory modules. In addition to this, there are two more sections known as Information Gathering & Synthesis and Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory (AMPI). These two sections will judge your personality and how you interpret things.

Now, with the AMCAT syllabus by your side, you can ace your AMCAT exam. Plus, with a good AMCAT score, you can apply to as many AMCAT exclusive job opportunities as you want. And, if you haven’t scheduled your AMCAT yet, then schedule it right away.


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