Do 12th and B.Tech percentage matter if you get a good AMCAT...

Do 12th and B.Tech percentage matter if you get a good AMCAT score?


good amcat scoreThe AMCAT exam is a computer adaptive test that assesses your skills thoroughly and tells the recruiters how job ready you are. So, if you have got a good AMCAT score then that counts for a lot. Sometimes even surpassing the weightage given to your class 12th and percentage.

If you are a fresher, then it is obvious that your education section will occupy a lot of space on the job resume. But that doesn’t mean your percentage is all that matters. And, even if you have a not-so-great percentage, you can cover up for it through the smart resume and interview tricks that we will talk about further in this blog.

Does your 12th & percentage matter if you get a good AMCAT score?

The short answer to this question is, ‘yes, it does but not too much.’

Recruiters tend to focus a lot less on class 12th percentage because it is considered the time when you are still discovering yourself. Besides, you are expected to have grown up from that juvenile phase. However, your marks are a different thing altogether.

Your score is kind of like a certificate of what you have learned in college. But your scores cannot define your actual skills and job readiness. And that is where your AMCAT score comes in.

AMCAT is very focused in what it does; i.e helps you showcase your (employability) skills. It tells the recruiters whether you can apply whatever you have learned in a more practical and result based environment or not. The AMCAT exam doesn’t focus on how well you can learn a concept but how well you can apply it. And that is the reason why recruiters usually give you leeway and focus less on your percentage if you have a good AMCAT score.

In fact, we have got numerous testimonials that talk about the same. One of them is Katheeja, who had a backlog and was unable to apply for many companies during the placement season. But she didn’t let that hamper her spirits and instead focused on getting a good AMCAT score. And today, she has an incredible job at a good package. You can read her full success story here!

Resume writing tips to draw the focus from your school and college percentage

If you are still stressed out about how to draw the focus away from your and 12th percentage, despite having a good AMCAT score, then relax, we have got that covered too.

As a fresher, you don’t really have a lot to tell on your resume and hence the focus on the education section. However, you can switch that by collecting some experience through internships, freelance work and projects.

Internships are a great way to set the tone for an interesting job resume. However, instead of focusing on what the internship was about, focus on what you learned during your stint and how you contributed with your work.

The same goes for projects. Let your resume rave about your project and YOUR contribution to it. However, refrain yourself from coming across as too boastful and tacky, as you might lose the interest of the recruiter there.

You can read more about how to handle low grades in your job resume in our blog, here!

How to explain low grade to the recruiter during a job interview

Now once you have a good AMCAT score and have sorted your resume to push you as a great candidate for the job, you need to do the same during the job interview too.

First of all, if asked about your percentage during college or school, stay honest about it. Don’t make excuses for that will only backfire on you and tell the recruiter that you are not really reliable. Instead, own up to this shortcoming and then focus on your other achievements.

If you scored low during the start of your college year but caught a semester or two later, then talk about that. Tell them how you realised that your marks are important too and how you decided to put in more effort into it.

We have shared some great insights on this topic in our blog on how to explain low grades during college in a fresher interview. You can check it out for more details!


Now you know that your 12th and grades don’t really matter so much if you have a great AMCAT score. So, work on getting a good AMCAT score and as for your job resume and interviews, follow the tips we have shared above.

Happy job hunting!


  1. Hi i passed my graduation in 2016 and got less percentage in btech now I am eligible to write amcat exam?

  2. Hey Vishnu,
    Yes, it does. There is a horde of jobs for freshers that you can apply for through AMCAT. And, not just that. Your good AMCAT score can also help you during on-campus and off-campus placements by telling the recruiters you are job-ready.

  3. Hii.. I will graduate in 2020 currently pursuing BTEC and my 12th marks is very very bad so if I apply I get the job??

  4. Hi Anubha,

    Of course! If you have a good AMCAT score then you can get a good job. We have examples of people getting a job with companies like Robert Bosch irrespective of their semester marks. So, why not?!
    Besides, you still have two semesters to catch up and pull up your CGPA too.

  5. Hiii
    I am currently pursuing B.E in CSE and I have very less percentage in B.E till date so am not eligible for college placements as it requires 60%.
    So By scoring good Marks in amcat will I get call for interview irrespective of my B.E percentage
    Will companies consider only my amcat score?

  6. Hey Sowmya,
    Yes, by scoring well in the AMCAT exam you can get a good job. So, give it your best shot and prepare to rock it.
    We have got numerous testimonials that state how AMCAT is beneficial even if you don’t have a good score, check them out –

  7. Hi i passed my 12th in 2015 and got 57.9 percentage and in btech i have got 75%now I am eligible to write amcat exam?

  8. I have less than 60 percent in 10th, there is any chance for call in electronics based company through amcat? If yes than please name the company.

  9. Hi Ravi,

    There are tons of companies that can hire you through AMCAT. Of course, you need a good AMCAT score to really make your mark. Once you have a good AMCAT score, you can use it to tell the recruiters how skilled you really are and earn their confidence and the job you desire.
    All the best!

  10. I got less than 60% (58.8%) in my class 12th board exams, and I am pursuing my BTech which will complete in 2021, is there any good IT or Core company recruiting through AMCAT for which I am elegible?

  11. Hi Bhubneshwar,
    Yes, there are IT companies for which you are eligible and will be eligible. A lot of companies associated with AMCAT focus more on your AMCAT score than your score in school. So, I would suggest you to start working hard right away, give the AMCAT exam, score well and then apply for opportunities available at that time.

  12. I got below 60% in 2nd puc & in B.E & also I’m year back student will I get job by scoring good in amcat ?

  13. Hi Vinay. We understand your situation. Sometimes it takes time to cope with the ongoing hustle during college. A good AMCAT score will surely increase the credibility of your competence. But you must understand that every company has its own selection parameter. The final decision is in the hands of recruiters. However, if they feel that you are the right fit for them. Then they will surely consider you.

    Now, focus on two important things:-

    1. Improve your graduation score in the upcoming exams.
    2. Diligently prepare for the AMCAT test to secure an outstanding result.

    All the best!

  14. Hey till 4th semester i had 74% with no backlog but in 5th semester unfortunately i got ufm in one subject causing back in one subject. I could clear this by 7th semester but till then I don’t think so that i will be able to appear in on campus placements. Will this ufm affect my resume?

  15. Hi. We understand your concern. However, since you have cleared your UFM in time, therefore it won’t major effect on your resume. Now, you need to focus on what can be done. Therefore, focus on the job application process that involves three stages:-
    1. Assessment Stage
    2. Resume Writing,
    3. Interview Stages.

    Once all these are set right, it will surpass any gap which may bother you. You can also appear for the AMCAT employability test which will bridge the gap between you and a potential recruiter based on your competence. You can book your slot whenever it suits you to accelerate your job search. For professional resume writing and interview preparation, you can register for AMCAT resume buddy and Mock AI respectively. We hope this helps. All the best.