Can the AMCAT exam be relevant for you after a gap year...

Can the AMCAT exam be relevant for you after a gap year or two


amcat examWe all know that the AMCAT exam can really help you find your dream job and introduce you to some brilliant opportunities in your field. However, one of the common questions that we often come across is, ‘how relevant is the AMCAT exam for people with a gap year or two?’

Gap years can sometimes seem like the way to a career death or can push you in doubting your own capabilities. So, how does the AMCAT exam help here? Let’s find out…

Can the AMCAT exam help you if you have a gap year or two?

“Yes, it most definitely can!”

The AMCAT exam can be equally beneficial for people with gab year, as it can be for fresher job seekers.

The whole purpose of the AMCAT test is to tell the recruiters that you are talented, skilled and ready for a job opportunity. It can help you get in touch with recruiters and vice-versa. And, even if you have a gap year in your kitty, talking about your skills can still work like a charm with the recruiters.

It can also give you a base to start again with and to connect with recruiters afresh. It can also add value to your resume, prepare you for the upcoming challenges and give you the confidence needed to perform better.

Best ways to prepare for a job after a gap year or two

Apart from relying on AMCAT, you can also do some additional things to make your candidature all the stronger and ensure that you are not lagging behind in the contest of getting your dream job.

Internships are a great way to go about the process too. Internships, even those undertaken during the gap year shows that you did not just throw your hands up and stopped working on yourself. Also, internships can help you build some valuable work experience and can add to your skills. Sometimes a good internship can also lead to a full-time job offer. So, these things should be taken into consideration too.

You can also make use of skills certification around this time. Apart from the traditional AMCAT skills assessment test or the AMCAT test, AMCAT also provides skills certification. These skill certifications are very specific and can be a great advantage to your career prospects.

Another thing you can do is start working on your network. Apart from actively looking for jobs, you should also be actively seeking people out who can help you build and grow. For more tips on networking, follow our blog on the topic and employ the tips provided in your life to make the most of things.


Here was our take on how the AMCAT exam helps you even when you have a gap year or two and what more you can do to ensure success. So, follow these tips, have faith, be confident and start preparing for your dream job opportunity.