What Are The Best Work From Home Jobs You Should Apply For?

What Are The Best Work From Home Jobs You Should Apply For?

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Work from home job opportunities

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, employees are working remotely and using video-conferencing tools to collaborate with their colleagues. Majority of jobs are work from home, even your dream job.

So, if you want to start your career safely amid the pandemic, then you should know about the job profiles and steps to apply for the best work from home jobs.

Work From Home Job Profile

Business Analysts

A Business Analyst conducts a detailed market and product analyses to define business requirements and report them back to stakeholders. Companies are vigorously using digital channels to increasingly become more mainstream that is why the demand for digital profiles is increasing, which is resulting in greater demand for Business Analysts. You can apply for this job opportunity on the AMCAT job portal.

Software Engineer

As a software engineer, you need to create, plan and make new software for the company, while adhering to the companies policies. To become eligible for this job profile you need to have a bachelors in Computer Science or IT. There is plenty of work from home opportunities available for you on the AMCAT job portal.

Tech Support Engineer

 As a Technical Support Engineer, you need to provide clients with sales advice and support during and after the purchase of the good. You will work on a wide range of industries, provide technical knowledge to identify new business, negotiate with the leads and regularly review sales performance. You can find this job opportunity here.

How To Apply For Work From Home Jobs

Industry Survey

To create a perfect job application for work from home jobs, you first need to understand the job market and the kind of skills that are required to make the cut. Having a thorough knowledge of the prevailing abilities will help you create a high-quality job application.

Connect With Recruiter

The best way to find out what the recruiter is looking for in a candidate is by connecting with them on LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives you the platform to create meaningful connections and learn about what the ideal candidate is like. This will help you create a more focused resume, cover letter and interview answers.

Resume And Cover Letter

Your resume format should not be more than one page long and filled with industry-keywords to make it ATS friendly. Moreover, don’t forget to attach a cover letter for resume to make it stand out from the crowd. To save time and create an impeccable resume in no time, you can take the help of Resume Buddy, which has more than 25+ resume templates and AI suggestion power.

Virtual Interview

For remote hiring, the recruiter will call for a virtual interview through video conferencing tools. So, make sure you have a laptop/desktop with working internet to have seamless interview experience. To brush up your interviewing skills, give as many mocks as possible, moreover, ask for feedback to understand the areas where you need improvement. You can take the professional help of Mock-AI to answer common interview questions and get a detailed feedback report to help you build up your skills.


There is the best work from home jobs in India in all the domains, so don’t stop searching for your dream job. Take the help of these tips to target the best job opportunities amid the pandemic and start your career in your dream company.