AMCAT Preparation Guide for Mechanical Engineers

AMCAT Preparation Guide for Mechanical Engineers


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Mechanical engineering freshers are increasingly opting for AMCAT given the hefty number of companies accepting the scores as a medium to judge qualifications of candidates applying for jobs.

A good amcat score means better chances of getting your desired job. And for a good score, you need to prepare well.

Wondering how can you score well at the very first go?

A proficient AMCAT preparation guide can help you significantly in doing so.

AMCAT preparation techniques can differ for various subjects, as the industries (and the kind of job) vary radically. In this article, we’ll focus on AMCAT preparation guide and tips for Mechanical Engineers: 

Go through Sample Papers

Knowing the pattern of the question paper comes in handy in any examination. A surprise format not only dissipates your much valued time during the exam but also creates confusion. Sample papers or previous years’ question papers are the best way to avoid this problem and prepare as per a given format.

For your ease of accessibility, AMCAT has provided these sample papers on the official website. You can get them in the engineering section.


Follow the Syllabus Closely

Preparing without a prescribed syllabus is just like shooting without an aim. While many examinations work on this formula of testing students on anything and everything, thankfully AMCAT exams aren’t one of them.

Check out the mechanical engineering syllabus on AMCAT website and prepare with a well thought-out plan based on topics and modules which need to be covered.


Track Your Time

Now that you have the syllabus and previous years sample papers, things get much easier from here. Just plan your homework well. Allot time to modules and once you are done with them, solve as many sample papers as you can. It helps you to get used to the format and also boosts your confidence.


Use Modern Tools 

While sample question papers are a good way to practice, you need something much more up to date to test whether you are ready for the test yet. Fortunately, now we have so many recent tools to make sure that no stone is unturned.

Take the PrepAMCAT test for a real-time assessment. It not only lets you test yourself with the actual AMCAT format but gives a glimpse of the situation you can expect during the exam. It tracks your time as per the real AMCAT schedule and helps you do better in the final exam. It’s smart enough to sit for a prep exam rather than a re-exam, isn’t it?



The importance of the final revision is recognized by every student and to ensure you do it well before your AMCAT exam, it’s best to prepare topic-wise information sheets and brief notes when you are studying the topics so it’s easier to revise the topics.

It is recommended to cover your revision topics at least 3-4 hours before the exam. Do not keep reading things till the last moment. Give yourself time to relax and prepare for the exam.



The ultimate conclusion which can be derived from the above AMCAT preparation guide is to act in an organized manner and go about the preparation smartly rather than randomly picking up stuff to read. Moreover, everyone has their own way of preparing for any aptitude exam, so if something works for you, stick with it. Just pick the tips that fit into your plan and it should be sufficient. It’s the final score that matters at the end of the day.