5 Myths About The AMCAT Exam You Should Know About

5 Myths About The AMCAT Exam You Should Know About

Debunk the AMCAT Exam myths
Debunk the AMCAT Exam myths
Debunk the AMCAT Exam myths
Debunk the AMCAT Exam myths

The essence of the AMCAT exam is to make it easier for job seekers to find their dream job. It provides you with exclusive opportunities to kickstart your job search, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. 

So, whether you are from a reputed college or not, whether you have good marks in your college or not, all these things will become secondary as long as you get a good AMCAT score.

Through your AMCAT score, you can show the recruiter how skilled you are. This will get you closer to your dream job. However, the AMCAT exam is surrounded by myths that might impact your search for your dream job.

So, these are things to know about AMCAT exam and learn some AMCAT exam facts.

The AMCAT exam only caters to engineers

Sometimes we have been a little partial towards the engineers but that has changed because AMCAT was never restricted to students from engineering backgrounds.

In fact, candidates from the non-IT background or just completed their MBA can take the help of AMCAT to look out for their dream job profile. AMCAT is currently hosting job profiles like Sales Specialists, Social Media Marketer, SEO Trainee and more

So, it would be unfair to say that AMCAT exam is only for Engineers when it has a lot of opportunities for people from different career backgrounds.

Lack of opportunities for non-IT graduates

Go to the AMCAT job portal and see for yourself how many job openings are there for non-IT candidates. You will find a lot of jobs under the titles of HR, Content Writer, Marketing, SEO, Sales and Business Development.

Moreover, there aren’t just enough job opportunities but also jobs that pay well. So, it is safe to say that there are ample openings for both IT and non-IT graduates.

Won’t get enough interview calls despite a good AMCAT score

We do get complaints from candidates who claim that they have scored well in the AMCAT exam but didn’t get enough job opportunities. If you have scored well across all the modules of the exam, then you are bound to get a lot of interview calls. 

Go through the AMCAT testimonials and see for yourself how many AMCATeers got the job of their dreams. To get your dream job you need to focus on all the aspects of the AMCAT exam, including both compulsory and optional modules.

You can easily crack the AMCAT exam

To crack it your basics should be clear. If you regularly practice, clear your doubts and work on your weakness, you can easily prepare for the AMCAT exam.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to work hard to get a good AMCAT score. So, kickstart your preparation by going through the syllabus, solving sample papers and opting for PrepAMCAT.

You can give the AMCAT exam only after graduation

The ideal time to give the AMCAT test is in the final year of your college. This will help you prepare for the campus Placements and further strengthen your candidature. With your AMCAT score, you can also apply to off-campus placements as well.

However, you can give the AMCAT exam after graduation or after a few years after you graduate. 


So, opt for the AMCAT exam, prepare well and further strengthen your candidature. So, if you want to clear any doubts then you can drop your thoughts in the comment section below, rather than believing some myths.

So, book the AMCAT exam, prepare well, get a good AMCAT score and start your career with a bang.