Career Tips: How to have a career that spans for 3 decades...

Career Tips: How to have a career that spans for 3 decades at least!

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Michael Jackson had a career which let him bask in the glory of his popularity for over 4 decades and even more after his death. People have careers which last over 2 decades. Here are a few career tips that might provide an insight to the trick of having a career that spans over 3 decades!

Career Tips For The Millennials

Millennials are famous for often wondering ‘how long should I stay in this job’. And even more often for acting on their instincts. We have everything available to us at the cost of a few taps on the screen or a few mouse clicky away. This is what bears in us the impatience we all seem to have. We can’t wait for anything. We have to have everything instantly; shopping, monetary transactions, relationships, food, friends and what not! So, why would we be in a habit of staying in a job/career for decades?

Career Tips For A Long Lasting Career

For having a long-lasting career in today’s times, here are the 4 career tips that you should swear by.

Something You Can Ace

It is true that new things take time and more effort than something you have already practised. You can have a long-lasting career if you figure out things that you are really good at. Once you know your assets, start honing your skill set. If your career happens to be something that you are really good at, not only it will boost your confidence and the will to input your best, but it will be a lot easier for you to invest in your métier.

Something That’s Your Calling

Some people have a single calling, some have multiple. It is solely up to you how you find your calling. Once you have tried and tested each and everything that excites you, pick out that one thing that entices you and build your career around it. It is very important for you to find joy in your work because at the end of the day you won’t want to just exchange money for your time. Your career, if it has to last over 3 decades, should be nurtured with passion and love. Get involved in that field, that makes you say, “Wow! That’s’ something” each day for decades!

Something The World Needs

If you have not found your calling yet or don’t know what are your strengths professionally and are still struggling with your career, it is time to play smart. Every concept of life, every idea, every business has a give-take relationship. The world revolves around the concept of ‘demand and supply’. One way for you to have a career that spans decades is to get your hands on something that the world is in a dire need of! No wonder technology has seen plenty of advancements and has attracted so many people towards it!

Something That Churns Money

This one is pretty simple! If you are all about money and the only passion you have is for your bank balance, go for this one. Build a career that makes you make tonnes of money. However, for you to make money, you need to have the necessary skills and acumen. Identify those and get going!

Bonus Career Tip: Another way for you to have a longer career span is that you can work on your brand name, your reputation and market value.

That’s the thing about long-lasting careers. What do you fancy? Let us know about your views in the comments. For more fresher jobsIT jobs updates, success tips and employability newsstay tuned to the AMCAT blog