10 Questions You Should Ask The Interviewer During A Job Interview

10 Questions You Should Ask The Interviewer During A Job Interview

Here are top ten questions that you can ask the interviewer during a job interview to prove your candidature and leave the interviewer impressed.

Questions to ask the interviewer during the job interview.
Questions to ask the interviewer during the job interview.

Performing well in a job interview is important. You should know the right answer to the right questions, know how to handle the tricky questions thrown at you and work on your confidence. However, to actually nail a job interview and get the job you so want, you will have to move beyond that. You cannot rely on your answering skills alone. To take home the job, you will also have to ask questions and ask the right ones at that.

While asking questions will tell the interviewer that you are really interested in the job, it will also tell you a lot of things about the company you are applying for. You will be able to understand the workings of the company, what it will be like to work and so much more, if only you ask the right questions.

People often assume that a job interview is one person asking the questions and the other one is, that is the candidate, answering them. However, it can and should be more than that. You will have to make your job interview a conversation in which both parties participate equally.

Asking questions from the interviewer is a great way to set up the conversation. However, do keep it in mind that you don’t occupy all the dominating space and keep your questions reserved for towards the end and sprinkle them somewhere in the between if you really feel the need for it. Another thing that can add some zing to your conversation with the interviewer would be the right body language to tell them you are confident and ready for the job interview.

The right body language for any job interview can be acquired through practice, and while there are many ways you can practice, knowing your “interview” strengths and weaknesses through a professional source will always be helpful and that is where interview portals come in. You can practice, gather information, learn from your mistakes and answer live interview questions through these portals.

Now, back to the questions that you should be asking the interviewer during the job interview. To ask the questions, you should first have an outline of what you want to know. These are some key points (add or subtract points according to your convenience) that can help you in the right direction.

1. What will be the job life be like?

2. Will you be provided training? If yes, of what kind?

3. Will you be provided with feedbacks?

4. How is the company’s work and life culture?

5. What about the team you will be working on?

6. What will be the next step in the interview process and how will you know if you are hired or not?

While this is the general direction you can take, you will have to be more specific with your questions. So, keeping these six points in mind, you can come up with as many questions as you want. At the moment we are sticking to ten questions that can serve your purpose.

1. What will the average day at work be like?

2. What are the key skills and responsibilities related to this position and any advice on how I can be better suitable for this position?

3. What is the company’s objective/s? How will I and the team I might be working to contribute to that objective?

4. How extensive will be the training process? Will I get a mentor to help me through?

5. How and who will evaluate my performance? Will I get formal or informal feedback on it and tips on how to do better?

6. Whom will I report and who will be the other people I will be working with?

7. What are the upcoming projects I will be working on, especially during my first week or month in the work?

8. What are the highlights of working here? Will it help in my personal and professional growth?

9. What are the next steps in the job interview process and who will communicate the final results?

10. Any advice or tips on how I can do better?

Here are our top ten picks from the questions you can ask during the job interview to understand the job better and tell the interviewer that you are really interested in the profile. So, use these tips and go ahead and grab that job you want.