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I need experinced lancer in Fortran language to develop a project

where z is altitude and x is the horizontal distance travelled.  Other parameters in the equations are:                           Vx = horizontal velocity                T = thrust                         Vz = vertical velocity                    D = drag                         m = aircraft mass                         g = gravity                         L = lift                                      g = flight path angle   Lift, drag, and flight path angle are determined by:     where Vx and Vz are components of flight speed  in the x and z directions. Note that:     In Equation (8), assume that r, CL, and CD can be

computed using
    where z is in meters.   Consider an aircraft with the following lift-curve slope K1, wing aspect ratio AR, zero-lift drag coefficient wing planform area S, mass m, and efficiency factor e during flight:      
For your project, you are to simulate the aircraft’s undamped phugoid motion.  In this case, thrust exactly cancels drag.  Assume a constant angle of attack, a, of 0.0495 rad.  Using the 4th?order Runge-Kutta technique, solve the equations of motion above for the horizontal and vertical components of velocity.  The initial conditions are x = Vz  = 0, z = 4800 m, and Vx = 210 m/s.  Run your simulation from t = 0 to t = 400 seconds with Dt = 1.0 sec.   Plot altitude vs. horizontal distance, altitude vs. time, and flight speed vs. time.

The plots may be created by importing your data into any available software, including MATLAB.  While working in small groups to set up the problem and determine how to solve it is acceptable, all code must be original work.  

the plots, and numeric values for Vx, Vz, x, and z only for time steps 0, 5, 10, 15, …, 400, all out to exactly 2 decimal places for each time step using all proper formatting techniques for tabulated data.    
">You will learn in Aircraft Stability and Control that the equations of motion of the aircraft can be written as:     where z is altitude and x is the horizontal distance travelled. ...
Fortran... INR 2229 APPLY FOR THIS JOB
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