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Tata Motors

Senior Manager (Powertrain Proprietary Purchase)

Tata Motors

1 - 3 Years   |   8.5 - 8.5 LPA   |   Jamshedpur, Pune
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Job Description
Company Overview:

Tata Motors is a pioneering automotive company committed to innovation and sustainability. We are at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge EV solutions that redefine mobility and sustainability in the automotive industry.

Compay website:

Position Name Manager-Powertrain Proprietary
Purchase Position level L5

DEM position name DGM Purchase/GM Purchase
DEM position level L4/3
FEM position name FEM position level

Purpose of the position:

This role is responsible to manage end-to-end purchasing activities for the allocated commodity. The position holder is responsible to on-board strategic vendor partners for part category within DMC and capex targets received from product line with a visibility of achieving cost efficiencies by deploying various cost reduction levers.

Dimensions of the position:

Manage the allocated Annual Purchase Value
Achieve Cost Efficiencies
Build strategic supplier base
Reduce dependency on static and exit suppliers
Prepare annual budget and commodity projections

Personal Profile:
Graduation : / B.E.
Branches : Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics / Mechatronics
Experience : 12 months +
CTC : 8.5 LPA
Joining Location : Pune / Jamshedpur
Gender : Female Only

Functional Competencies:
1. Costing skills
2. Negotiation skills
3. Financial Acumen
4. Supplier Relationship Management
5. Performance Management.

Technical Competencies:

• Understands technical specification of components and matches the technical side of production equipment / tools - cutting edges, such as drill bits, end mills, and inserts, that remove material through cutting, grinding, or other mechanical processes to produce the desired component.
• Know-how of materials - metals, plastics, REM's, and aggregate level understanding
• Uses know how of surface finish precision and tolerances to ensure components meet quality standards.
• Negotiates agreements (including pricing, delivery, quality, payment terms etc.) with Suppliers.
• Understands the properties of different types of plastics and tooling expertize needed.
• Understands concepts of sheet metal fabrication processes, including cutting, stamping, bending, welding, and painting
• Understands the technical specifications of sheet metal components and the tools used
• Able to perform basic checks of precision and durability of tooled plastic components.
• Understands the types of rubber like natural, synthetic, rubber compounds and production methods like molding, extrusion, and vulcanization.

Relevant Experience:
1. Experience of Purchase Process
2. Experience of Supplier Negotiation
3. Experience of Should Costing/Zero Based Costing
4. Understanding & experience of Cost reduction levers
5. Thorough knowledge of manufacturing and surface protection processes
6. Understanding of part validation and performance measures
7. Knowledge of various raw materials and commercial implications
8. Understanding of TMPV audit guidelines, purchasing agreements

Job Responsibility:

Strategy Development

1. Prepare DMC (Direct Material Cost) and Capex estimation for the upcoming models.
2. Identify vendors with advance technology, prepare business plan and validation of vendors and initiate vendor empanelment process.
3. Review SOR on Technical specifications to shortlist vendors.
4. Review tech specification/ drawing shared by Product development for a particular commodity.
5. Prepare RFQ document for floating to Vendors & ensure TRSO signoff from SQ.
6. Analyse quotation received for RFQ.
7. Prepare Cost Estimate for parts as per TMPV Standard Cost Estimation Process.
8. Propose a shortlist of most suitable vendors after negotiation.
9. Recommend SOB for vendors as per organizations long term sourcing strategy.
10. Obtain internal approval for vendor finalization through sourcing council and release PO.
11. Monitor and review financial health, operations, IR health, etc. of the suppliers for long-term sustainability.
12. Identify vendors, which can be groomed as long-term partners for TMPV.
13. Supplier negotiation - Assess the current situation (Business Environment- External) along with SQ and SCM and tactfully negotiate the terms and conditions with the suppliers.
14. EVI (Early Vendor Involvement) - develop vendors for critical long lead time items.
15. Process and Supply chain Optimization by localization of the component by resourcing or by introduction of alternate technologies with the help of vendors
16. Compare current part with the Proposed change and review the commercial impact
17. Release of RFQ for the shortlisted list of vendors
18. Ensure amendment of Purchase orders on the revised pricing

Finance Management:

1. Collaborate with Engineering on cost reduction initiatives through VAVE (Value addition - value-engineering initiatives), change in design or process improvement & Work along with vendors to get optimal advantage
2. Evaluate vendors to track target cost, in case of cost escalation / quality issues initiate re-sourcing along with SQ and SCM for identified commodity
3. Drive cost reduction through Commercial reduction, VAVE, Resourcing & SOB mix
4. Track market commodity prices for costing references.
5. Analysis of POGR and CR - CI reports
6. Analysis and resolution of audit queries

People Management

1. Effective communication and interaction with the stakeholders to ensure proper process and necessary improvements to achieve optimal performance.
2. Effective networking with all the internal and external stake holders to ensure required support which is crucial to meet deadlines.




Work Experience:

1 - 3 Years


8.5 - 8.5 LPA



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