No Interview Calls after taking AMCAT. Why?

No Interview Calls after taking AMCAT. Why?

Don't be stressed out if you are not getting interview calls after taking AMCAT. There is a way out!


No Interview calls after taking AMCAT“I scored pretty well in the AMCAT, so why am I missing out on job opportunities?” Isn’t this the question that comes to your mind when you don’t get interview calls after taking AMCATAre you confused about the shortlisting criteria adopted by companies?

Well, to answer these questions, let me take you behind-the-scenes to show as to what happens after you take AMCAT and what are the selection parameters adopted by the companies.

1. You will be assessed on multiple parameters before getting shortlisted by a company. Companies may look at one or more skills for a particular job profile.

2. When your AMCAT score matches the criteria for a company partnered with AMCAT, you will get a job interview.

3. At times, some companies also look at demographic factors like geographical location. Therefore, it is important to keep your profile updated so that we can send you as many opportunities as possible.

4. There are 1000s of small companies spread across the country, which hire freshers. AMCAT is recognized by many such companies nationally.


Keep checking your profile on regularly. Ensure that it is completely up to date. Things that you should look out for:

1. Contact details like mobile phone, email ID.

2. Current location/address

3. Degree details/completion details/percentage marks

4. Preferred job location. 

However, different companies decide on a candidate depending on the sectional cut-offs across different modules. An IT Product company can have a high Computer Programming cut-off but a low English cut-off. An ITes company look for a candidate having good scores in Computer Fundamentals and Logical section whereas an SME can have an entirely different selection criteria.

Hence, you may infer that all companies have their own short listing criteria. It may happen that one company may shortlist candidates using high Logical Ability cut-off, while others may use a lower cut-off. You should remember that there is a job for every talented student! 

A small TIP!

There are modules which are compulsory for the test. Companies consider the compulsory module scores while shortlisting, so doesn’t miss out one while taking AMCAT! These are – English, Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability and Personality.

Aspiring Minds acts as a facilitator providing a platform for the students to showcase their skills to the corporate. The students, who perform well in AMCAT and meet the company-specified criteria, definitely get an interview opportunity.

Plus, There is always a SECOND CHANCE!!!

You can re-attempt the AMCAT exam after 3 months of the current attempt and improve your chances of being shortlisted. Further, Aspiring Minds provides the AMCAT feedback report which is a personalized feedback for each candidate. The section “Job Match” in the feedback report informs you about your chances of getting selected in companies of different sectors and the subjects to improve on, in order to get into the sector of your choice. All the best!


  1. I have gotten more then 80% in the test and performed well in all the sessions and i have been constantly updating my profile for last three Hell i even got a degree in that duration and i haven’t yet receive a single call from your company. is scored more then 90% in English, Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability and 97% in computer programming and published two research papers and have knowledge of more then 10 different programming language still no Job offer even when i was in your toppers club. The whole Amcat is beginning to look like a scam on me. So yeah can you justify that

  2. Dear Rohit,

    Well, AMCAT isn’t an absolute guarantee to jobs, but rather a gateway to them. It is a platform which helps you connect with the companies. Candidate scores matter, but after the test, HRs at different companies shortlist candidates from our database, on the basis of their requirements. The interview round matters too.

    I would ask you to be patient and at the same time, keep applying to the latest job opportunities present on our website.

  3. People @AMCAT don’t give any attention to the registered students it seems.
    They are only there to get there salary and trap new unemployed candidates in their network grid through fake promises.

    Seriously cursing you.
    You ate my money

  4. Well, AMCAT is just a platform to help you connect with companies, it doesn’t promise you jobs. We would request you to be patient and keep applying to the new opportunities listed on our jobs section.

  5. How can I get my amcat id ? I wasn’t told by anyone during the exam that we will have to keep this id with us and it was my first attempt so I was not aware of it, although I wrote it down on a rough sheet of paper and that sheet was collected after the exam. Now can u please tell me from where I can get my amcat id?

  6. Try logging in to your AMCAT account on the website – as you have already given the test, the details should appear on your AMCAT score page.

  7. I have given my amcat exam on 22 November 2017 and results are out. But the results are not being displayed in amcat app. When I apply to jobs in dashboard it is asking me to schedule amcat and that I can’t apply to jobs if I haven’t written amcat. But I have already given amcat test. Please solve the problem.

  8. Hi Ravi,

    Better communication skills are proving to be an essential requirement for most jobs these days. Improving your grasp of English can definitely make the difference in your job chances – both with the AMCAT exam and in general.
    REMEMBER – A great proficiency in English ≠ communication skills, though English is the language of communication for most organisations in India.

  9. i took up amcat on dec3 i got my scores as well.i have scored the below mentioned percentiles in each modules . do i have any chances of getting into good mncs like cognizant accenture etc..
    computer programming-83.9

  10. Hi Pooja,

    I would request you to keep calm – as it often takes two to three weeks for companies to begin shortlisting and calling you for interviews.

  11. AMCAT score has no values to the companies.
    Several job invitation like Remaxys, Avisol , thoughts2binary etc came to me. i applied but no further
    process took place. I mean what is the use of it you are saying your profile is shortlisted and after applying recruiter take weeks and weeks and after that no notification what happen.
    Guys don’t take amcat seriously. i did not get a single opportunity via amcat.

  12. Hi Vikas,

    If you have had good scores, then it could be only a matter of time before you are able to crack a job with the AMCAT Test. Request you to share your AMCAT ID, so that our team can touch base with you.

  13. I got my Amcat Score today

    English Comprehension 88.5%
    Quantitative Ability 97.7%
    Logical Ability 97.6%
    Computer Programming 100%
    Computer Science 83.1%

    But, when i click on ‘Apply’ for a job at my dashboard, it says only Amcat takers can apply .
    This doesn’t make any sense. How to solve this?

    AMCAT Id : 30009118501336

  14. hey I got
    English 76%
    Quantitative 87%
    Logical 92%
    computer programming 72%

    Do I have any chance to get a call from Accenture or any other good company??
    please reply asap……….

    AMCAT ID- 30009182109996

  16. Any one getting calls through Amcat in Banglore Location. I applied so many,Still one also not called for Interview. I got good Score.

  17. I gave Amcat on 28th Jan 2018.On 11th Feb i got a mail that i am shortlisted to appear for an interview with Accenture.Does that mean that i will get a interview call?

  18. My amcat scores are quants – 97% English – 70% logical ability- 52% and computer programming – 67% and mechanical – 97% ..will this scores are enough to get an IT services jobs or do I need to take retest again please help me with it my amcat I’d is – 30009712604398 ..please help with the necessary things if any I need to get placed in IT company

  19. I applied so many Interviews, Still one also not called for interview. I have 90% Amcat scores in all areas. Please help me AMCAT ID: 30009205240149.

  20. Hello,
    I am preparing to take amcat with in few days i have less percentages in academic years.
    Does it problem to me to get calls from company’s even i get good score in AMCAT?

  21. You will be shortlisted by the companies as per your AMCAT score. Prepare well for your AMCAT exam, and your low academic score might just get subsided. You can check out our new preparation tool PrepAMCAT that will help you prepare in the best way for your exam.

  22. Can anyone please help me out with my amcat scores? Are these decent enough?
    Eng: 665
    Quants: 520
    Logical: 435
    Computer programming: 455
    Electronics and communication: 356
    Total score: 2430/3600

  23. Hello Sanju,

    These are good scores. But you will have to be a bit patient with the interview calls.

    All the best!

  24. Hi Sudharm,

    Our subject experts will get in touch with you shortly regarding this.


  25. Do final year engineering students also get interview calls or is it just for freshers.

  26. Hi Surabhi,

    Calls go to candidates who have appeared for the exam. If you’re in your final semester, you can appear for the amcat exam and will be eligible to get interview calls from companies who’d find your scores fit to their requirements. This would make sure that you have a job offer and can join as soon as you complete your graduation (maybe even before you complete).


  27. I scored
    385 in quants
    480 in computer science
    555 in computer programming
    535 in english
    540 in logical.

    Should i expect calls or should retake it.

  28. Hi Kanav,

    It depends upon the field you are looking to get a job in. So, for example, if you are looking for jobs in IT/software/engineering, it’d be better to retake the exam, so that you can score well in subject modules at least.

    All the best

  29. English 580
    Quantative 710
    Logical 495
    Computer Programming 655
    Should i expect calls from iT Company

  30. Hello Sankalp,

    Your scores in programming and quant are pretty good. So, you can certainly expect calls from IT companies. Although, I would strongly recommend that you show a little patience as companies may or may not take sometime before they start scheduling interviews.

    All the best

  31. English 615
    Quantative 885
    Computer Programming 595
    Logical Ability 630
    Computer Science 438
    Should I expect calls from IT companies or should I retake the test?

  32. Hello Piyush,

    Your scores in mandatory subjects are pretty good, however, your score in the subject-specific domain paper is slightly below par. Would recommend you to retake the paper again and try to score at least 550 or more in your subject domain exam (CSc).

    All the best

  33. English – 615
    Quant – 575
    Logical – 425
    Programming – 565
    Domain CS – 377
    Profile Completion – 100%
    Exam Date – 27th December, 2018
    No calls so far.

  34. Hi Palash,

    Your scores look decent overall, however, it has been observed over the period of time that candidates who score well in the domain specific subjects are more likely to get interview calls; and sooner. So, you can probably take a second attempt on the amcat exam and this time prepare better for your domain subjects.

    All the best!

  35. hi
    i have got a mail from aspiring minds and says that “Thank you for taking the test! You have successfully applied for the job.” what does this mean.

  36. Hi Saikat,

    So, basically, as soon as a candidate has completed the exam, their scores are shared with the entire pool of our partner recruiters, who then can choose to schedule an interview with you on the basis of your score. So, you should expect interview calls from various firms in a few days now.

    All the best!

  37. I have given my amcat exam on 21 october 2018 and results are out. But the results are not being displayed in amcat app. When I apply to jobs in dashboard it is asking me to schedule amcat and that I can’t apply to jobs if I haven’t written amcat. But I have already given amcat test. Please solve the problem.
    Tanushri soni
    Amcat date – 21 oct 18
    Amcat id – 130011991754325

  38. english-430
    computer programming-515
    computer science -469

    can I expect calls from IT companies

  39. Hello Avinash,

    As I can see, while your scores in your subject domain modules (programming and CS)are fine, your scores in mandatory modules, especially quant, are pretty low. So, if you are expecting calls from IT companies, you’d have to improve your scores in quant. I would suggest you wait for sometime, and if not getting interview calls, re-take the exam and try and improve your overall scores.

    All the best

  40. Hello Tanushri,

    Someone from the support team will get in touch with you shortly.

    All the best!

  41. I have given my amcat exam on 8th October 2018 and results are out. But the results are not being displayed in amcat app. When I apply to jobs in dashboard it is asking me to schedule amcat and that I can’t apply to jobs if I haven’t written amcat. But I have already given amcat test. Please solve the problem.
    Amcat date – 8th oct 18
    Amcat id – 130012725353087

  42. Hi sarfaraz,

    Some one from our support team will get in touch with you shortly.

    All the best!

  43. Hi Pradeep,

    You can not remove your scores. You can re-appear for the exam to improve your scores.

    All the best!

  44. English 90% 605
    Quant 89% 635
    Logical 62% 495 (why? explained below)
    Computer programming 100% 775
    Computer science 97% 623

    I got a problem in computer while i solving that section. The computer got stuck / internet connection gone and after it came back the section not resumed i got the section will be submitted in ‘some’ seconds as pop up and gone 🙁

    Im not able to attend 3-4 questions because of this..

    Can i expect calls from IT companies ?

  45. English 440
    Quant 550
    Logical 520
    Computer programming 395
    Computer science 315
    Do i get call from company or i should take the test once more? If I secure good marks is there any chances to get call from company or it is wastage of money and for this how much should necessary to get a call.please give me a reply

    thank you

  46. Hi Aarti,

    Your scores in the compulsory sections are good, however, not at par in the subject-specific modules (computer science and programming). You can wait for a while and see if you get any interview calls, else would recommend you to re-appear for the exam and try and score good in all sections.

    All the best

  47. Sir, I have missed the optional sectional in the amcat paper. Does this going to leave negative impact on my result?

  48. Hi Shubhi,

    optional section is the subject specific module, which one has to appear for. You have actually missed out on an entire module of extreme importance. Would recommend you to re-appear for the exam.

  49. Sir I didn’t give automata test so there is no chance to get IT job? My score is also less pls suggest me

  50. Hi Akankshaa,

    It’s not that if you haven’t given the automata test so you won’t get interview call for IT jobs. Though giving automata and scoring good in it does helps a lot. So, if you think you haven’t score good in your first amcat attempt, I would suggest you take the second attempt and give the automata test as well this time.

    All the best

  51. Sir, I want to take test for English, Quant and Reasoning modules.Is there a possibility of getting a job opportunity through AMCAT?

  52. hello sir ,
    i gave amcat exam but my score was not good. so can i give again with same amcat id ? if i will give again then my old score was showing or not pls tell me and company will provide amcat or not . i’m 2018 passout so how many chances to get job .

  53. Hello Akankshaa,

    You can give the amcat again, however, you’d have to wait for atleast 45 days before you can retake the exam. Yes, you can use the same amcat ID to schedule your second attempt. Your previous scores will be removed and your new score will appear in your profile and to the recruiters.

    All the best

  54. Hello Roshan,

    It sure is. Recruiters assess your candidature on the basis of your amcat score and nothing else. If you want to schedule your amcat now, you can do it directly from here.

    All the best!

  55. Hii mam
    I have given the second attempt with the same mail id
    But i got the better score in the first attempt compared to second
    Which score will be considered either the first or the second??

  56. Hello Dhanasri,

    It is always the latest score which is considered by the companies for hiring. So, your scores in the second attempt will be taken into consideration.

  57. Hello sir
    I had recently taken amcat exam my score was not good.. Is there a chances to get interview calls? R is it good to take ut again.. My score is less than 60 percentile!!!

  58. Hello Rani,

    I’d recommend that you retake the test and prepare better this time. Take the mockAMCAT test before taking the main test this time. PrepAMCAT is the mock amcat test available through our website. Here’s is the direct link for it.

    All the best!

  59. Hi
    For amcat exam can you suggest me which study material I require?
    I completed my MCA in the year 2014.

  60. Hi,
    I attend amcat exam before one year still I didn’t get any job related calls or mail from the company. I have lot of hope but now it’s been reduced on using amcat.

  61. Hi Sobanath,

    Getting interview calls depends largely on the score that you achieve in your test. Just giving the test won’t help. So, if you feel that you can improve on your scores, it is adviced that you give the exam again and prepare stronger this time to score better. In the meantime, you can refer to these success stories to understand how you can be successful in AMCAT.

    All the best!

  62. Hello I’m Muthu 710 in quants 505 in logical and 394 in english 450 in programming and my english certificate and resume buddy this is very useful to me or not

  63. Now frustrated with AMCAT customer service response.
    My Scores are : English Comprehension – 590/900 86 Percentile
    Quantitative Ability – 665/900 94 Percentile
    Logical Ability – 660/900 99 Percentile
    Computer Science – 660/900 99 Percentile
    SVAR – 65/100
    Automata Fix – 43/100 70 Percentile
    Earlier they called me and told me, upgrade to a premium one then I will get calls, but still, no call coming from any company. Their customer service is soo bad, they are only able to send an autogenerated message, Now I am thinking that I am the fool who trusted AMCAT because now it seems to be fake to me.

  64. Hi Priyam. It must be troubling you. But here are some deeper insights that can help you understand the situation better. Your scores are up to the mark except for one section. Even that is done decently well. Now, this AMCAT score is the accreditation of your skills. It now completely depends on the company and its hiring process. Also, your AMCAT score is valid for a year long. Henceforth, more opportunities are on your way. But it boils down to the recruiters’ requirement and timeline.

    Also, please provide us with your AMCAT ID so that we can work on the Customer Service issue as well.
    All the best.

  65. Hi Ramya. Could you please share your score along with your AMCAT ID? Kindly note that your AMCAT result is valid for a year. Start looking for jobs wherever you are eligible. Your selection will depend on your performance and recruiters’ requirement. So whenever they conduct their placement drive, then they’ll connect with you accordingly.