Key points to include in a resume for freshers

Key points to include in a resume for freshers


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Searching for resume writing tips for creating an impressive resume? You have come to the right place! We have listed out the key points that have worked well for freshers in getting their resume shortlisted.

Before heading off to the resume writing tips, here is what you need to understand about a fresher resume. Since such resumes do not have work experience, a recruiter needs to have solid reasons for choosing your resume over any other resume.

You should put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter and ask yourself

“Does this matter? Is it relevant to hire you? Does this showcase you better than others?”

When you start asking these questions for everything you put on your resume, you will come up with interesting and valuable inputs that will impress the recruiter.

And, for now, let’s have a look at some of the most effective resume writing tips for freshers;



Start off with a bang, with fantastic resume templates

If you have to take only one of the resume writing tips from this list, we suggest you take this! Resume templates offer a visual impact that is invaluable. The recruiter has to feel excited about reading what’s written in your resume and a well-formatted, beautiful-looking resume will do just that. You can use the Resume Buddy tool that has over 25+ resume templates; including several templates exclusively for freshers.


Make an impact with a resume headline

Headlines are great for getting a peek into the content that’s waiting for you. Resume headlines also are just like news headlines; they will tell the recruiter why you are a great candidate for the job you applied for. One of the useful resume writing tips for this section is to customize it for every job you apply to. The resume headline in your fresher resume will set you apart from other competition who still haven’t started using it.


Get your marks to do the talking for you

Academic marks are often the focus of a fresher resume because they prove how well you have been studying and learning from your academic course. This is why it needs to be the focus of your resume. One of the resume writing tips you can implement is to ensure the academic marks are placed appropriately in your resume. It needs to be on the top or middle of the resume. Also, a bonus would be to showcase your education as work experience.


Prop up your project work and internship

The biggest advantage you can have over other candidates is the kind of project work you have done and the internships you have taken up. While project work and internship is a compulsory part of most graduation courses, not many people use it to their advantage. One of the resume writing tips you can follow is to write the work done in the project work attractively. Use bullet points to highlight the work done in numbers and set it as a separate paragraph to gain the attention of the recruiter.


Scream out loud about your skills and certifications

Well, we don’t mean literally scream out, but to ensure that this section finds a special place in your fresher resume.  Skills and certifications are very important to you as a fresher; it is one of the best ways you can compete with work experience! AMCAT certifications are an excellent way to add value to your resume. Also, a great way to add skills is to use the ‘skills required’ from the job description and include it in the resume.


Harp on your achievements

One of the best resume writing tips you can use is to write achievements from all spheres of your life. Often students only write academic achievements, but one of the ways to impress your recruiter is also to include achievements from your hobbies or extra-curricular activities. You can write about any donation collective drives you spearheaded or any high-altitude trekking you did. All these activities show that you are a motivated individual and will be a valuable asset to the company.



Do you think you can include these key points in your fresher resume? You can use the Resume Buddy tool which has several features and resume templates that will enable you to implement these tips easily. Let us know if you have any doubts about these and for more such resume writing tips follow our blog.