What to include in your job resume when applying to startups

What to include in your job resume when applying to startups


job resume for startup jobs


The start-ups are taking over the hiring landscape now more than ever. Let’s face it, the start-ups do not review a job resume like the big companies. Often, a dedicated HR person is assigned to filter out the most pleasing candidate for the hottest startup jobs in town.

Sometimes, this HR person is the founder itself which means that they are far more invested in the job at hand.

So, a piece of career advice for those who want to take up startup jobs – anything/everything on your job resume is a reflection of your personality. So, you must choose your words wisely.

It is foolish to think that an average candidate with a semi-impressive job resume can seep through the recruitment process. The startups aren’t as demanding as Google but they do have a set of expectations from the new teammate.

So, you might as well prepare a resume sample that resonates with the startup culture.

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Now, how to make your candidature stand-out during the recruitment process? Here are some of the top things to include in your job resume to impress the hiring manager when applying for startup jobs.


How to make your resume ready for startup jobs?

When it comes to hiring, startup founders can be pickier than most multinational companies. This is because each employee is likely to have a bigger impact on the organization than at the “Googles” of the world.

So, the organization needs someone who can come in and hit the ground running. But does your job resume reflect your readiness for the start-up world? Include the following points while applying for startup jobs.


Be targeted

Startup jobs require you to wear one too many hats. You can’t be confined to one role for all your life at the startup. However, startups do not want to hire generalists rather they wish to employ talent that is custom-fitted to their vision.

You should start with a basic core talent and customize it to suit the needs of the job role in question. You should emphasize the sort of character traits that startups relish: self-motivation, a great work ethic, willingness to go the extra mile, flexibility and curiosity etc.


Check your career objective

For startup jobs, drop the most common career objective statement you’ve copied from resume samples on the internet. This statement on your job resume is the sacred space to show that you are and how that can contribute to company success. Make it clear, concise and creative that talks about your unique skills.


Ditch the usual

Bring something different to the table. Not only in your job resume but also while pitching yourself. Treat your job resume like a short story; use action verbs, non-cliché adjectives, and synonyms. Take a leap of faith and show your true enthusiastic, energetic and talented self through designs, photographs, text and absolutely any other medium that’ll likely catch the entrepreneur’s eyes.


Flaunt your online presence

Who are you? Where did you come from? What brought you here? – These are some of the questions that strike the reader’s mind when he looks at your job resume. If you have a web site, personal blog, or social media profiles specifically geared toward the job you’re applying for or the industry you work in, showcase them on your resume.

It’s even more impressive if you’re a thought leader in the field. Also, put out a short, comprehensive version of your resume on LinkedIn. Similarly, if you’re a photographer, use Behance.net.




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