5 Things A Recruiter Never Expects To See On A Job Resume

5 Things A Recruiter Never Expects To See On A Job Resume


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You never get a second chance to create the first impression.

In all the hustle-bustle of office life, recruiters barely find time to pay attention to job resumes they receive each day. Sometimes large companies use resume tracking software to filter out the desirable ones in split seconds. So, what do you do to make your job resume stand out?

Besides using a good resume format, grammatically correct language and accurate details; you can actually leave out some unnecessary (read: borderline offensive) details about yourself in the document. But how do you decide what to add and what to miss in the job resume?

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Well, for that you can blindly count on Resume Buddy. It’s the latest tool offered by AMCAT that provides professional help in building resumes.

Depending upon your field of work you can choose from 25+ resume templates and well-formulated job description phrases readily available with Resume Buddy. You can also create a resume that aptly matches your experience level: Fresher or Experienced. It’s not just a resume builder; it also provides assistance in creating an impressive, meaningful and crisp cover letter too.

Even though you always have Resume Buddy for help, there are some points you should completely avoid using in your resume. Don’t forget to skip these employer turn-offs:

Do not put out your life history

It’s tempting to put out all your achievement no matter how big or small in your job resume. You might want to talk about how you scored an A+ in Math Olympiad or interned with McDonald’s last summer. Please strictly avoid putting out any information in the resume that is not related to the job in question.

For example: If you’re interviewing for a marketing role then, only a market research study you undertook as a student in college will impact your candidature.


Say no to vague career objectives

Most students randomly pick up any career objective statement from the internet to stick in their job resume. No matter how easy or smart it sounds, the recruiter can see right through your little ‘cut-copy-paste’ game.

In such cases, Resume Buddy can help you craft or choose from already existing career objective statements that match your profile and job you’re applying for.


No use of creative font and borders

You may love your Monotype Corsiva and Lucida Console for class projects but when it comes to job resumes, you must stick to the basics. Do not go over-board with resume format or fonts because it clearly distracts the reader. Sometimes, these fancy fonts are hard to read which leads to bin-crash.

You can use Resume Buddy to find suitable resume templates and resume formats that compliment your job profile.


No lies and exaggerated claims

Boasting is one thing but lying is off-color. Strictly stay away from any false information or exaggeration on your job resume. Do not embellish your standard candidature with fancy lies because someday they will break out and prick like a needle. Stay truthful and modest!


Do not present an untidy, unorganized and messy resume

The last thing a recruiter wants to see is a messed-up job resume. Bad formatting, grammatical errors, incomplete sentences, wrong vocabulary can be major turn-offs for the recruiter. If the reader cannot find the information they’re looking for then your resume is definitely headed for the bin.

Put out the most important information in the center, use bullet points, and mention dates, responsibilities and achievements in clear order.

You can always seek help from Resume Buddy for picking out the most appropriate resume template and resume format for you.





Well, we all know how an impeccable resume can give a bright and positive start to your professional career. So, you must put in all your sincere efforts and dedication in crafting the best job resume. For other situations, you always have Resume Buddy to seek professional help from.

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