Resume Writing | Importance of Job Resume Length

Resume Writing | Importance of Job Resume Length


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When writing a job resume, there are a lot of things to keep in mind such as resume format, font, content, etc. One such thing is the length of your resume. When drafting your resume, you must be wondering whether the length of your resume matters? and if it does, then what is an ideal resume length?

Now, let’s find out answers to these resume length questions.

Importance of job resume length

The recruiter usually spends less than a minute on each resume. Hence, a lengthy resume will make it the resume loose interest in your profile. On top of that, a lengthy resume will be more time consuming and, the recruiter won’t be able to skim through it easily. Moreover, to fill out the space in your resume, your ideas will be spread out, making it even more difficult for the recruiter to focus on selling points.

However, if your resume is too short, then the recruiter might think that you don’t have a lot of thinking to talk about and might reject you. Hence, your resume length is a really important part of resume writing.

What is the right length of a job resume?

The length of your resume depends on whether you are fresher or an experienced candidate.

For Freshers

As a fresher, you only have internships, extra-curriculums and academics to write about on your resume. Therefore, your resume should not be more than a page long. Anything more than or less than this will either too much or too little.

For Experienced Candidates

For an experienced candidate with a good amount of work experience, your resume length can be more than a page long but less than two pages. However, make sure you are only putting relevant detail on your job resume.

How to get the right resume length?

Now, you know about the ideal resume length for both freshers and experienced candidates. The next step is to know how to get the right length to make your impeccable job resume.

Put everything in bullet points

Instead of paragraphs, put your information in bullet points. It will make your job resume more skimmable. Moreover, it will make your resume more professional and concise.

Relevant Information

It is important that you only mention information that is relevant to the job role. Plus, anything that backs your candidature up should be highlighted.

Achievements and projects

When talking about achievements or projects, make sure you mention numerical details. It will also help you talk about something in your job interview.

This everything you need to know about resume length and how to get your resume in the shape. Moreover, if you want you can take help of Resume Buddy to make an impeccable job resume which will surely dazzle the recruiter.