Resume Buddy: How A Good Resume Writing Tool Can Transform Your Career

Resume Buddy: How A Good Resume Writing Tool Can Transform Your Career

Learn how Resume Buddy can help you take your job resume up by a notch and successfully jump over the first hurdle in your journey towards your dream job

Create the perfect professional job resume with Resume Buddy
Create the perfect professional job resume with Resume Buddy

Creating an impeccable job resume is not an easy task to achieve, especially if it’s your first time applying for jobs. So, whether it’s creating a skill-based job resume or analyzing and fixing issues in your current one, we have got you covered with the perfect resume building tool, Resume Buddy.

The right resume building tool can take hours off your job search, which you utilise elsewhere. So, to help you unleash the full potential of your resume, we have put together a walkthrough of Resume Buddy to help pave the way to a successful future

What Is Resume Buddy?

Resume Buddy is an automated resume building format offered by Aspiring Minds Assessments. It is aimed at both first-time and experienced job seekers alike. The purpose of this resume format is to help you write the perfect resume and get you to the next hiring round.

It is especially helpful for Freshers to create a professional, skill-based and error-free resume, just by entering a few basic details. So, with just a few clicks, you will be able to create an impeccable job resume.

Advantage Of Resume Buddy

Your job resume plays a crucial role in getting you closer to your dream job. And, having an automated resume builder can further increase your chances of starting your career with a bang.

Select The Right Resume Format

One of the most important parts of your job resume is choosing the perfect resume format. With Resume Buddy, all you have to do is click through our hand-picked resume template collection to find the ideal resume format for you and your achievements.

Compose Your Job Resume

Throughout the process of creating an impeccable job resume, you will get internal content-based recommendations to quickly build your job resume in a concise manner. As soon as you click on the click button, you will be taken to a preview variant of your ideal job resume.

How To Use Resume Buddy?

Resume Buddy helps you prepare the right resume format for you by going through a four-stage process. So, here is how you can use this resume building tool to create the perfect job resume within a few minutes.

Step 1: Create Your Resume

The first step in using Resume Buddy as a resume builder tool.
The first step towards an impeccable job resume

Click on the “Create Resume” button, if you want to make a job resume from scratch. However, if you already have a resume and just want to identify the areas where it lacks, then click on the “Score Resume” button and you will get a detailed feedback report on your resume.

Step 2: Choose The Right Resume Template

The second step towards your impeccable resume
The second step towards your impeccable resume

There are 35+ industry-approved resume templates for you to choose from. A perfect resume template should remain simple and clean even after holding up all the important detail.

Create an eye-catching resume
Create an eye-catching resume

The importance of a creative and eye-catching resume can’t be neglected that is why you can choose different types of resume format and customise them as per your choice. This makes these resume template workable for everyone.

Step 3: Extract current details

Just a few clicks away from your dream resume
Just a few clicks away from your dream resume

After selecting the resume format of your choice, now comes the turn of fill up all the information that you want in your job resume. However, don’t worry, you won’t be stuck with endless drop-downs to fill in your details.

The automated programme will pick up your details from any platform you possess- Facebook, LinkedIn or your old resume. This will help you breeze through the information and make any edits or corrections that are required.

To quicken this process, you will get content and word recommendation to make your resume more industry targeted. This will particularly help you in keeping all the information concise and to the point.

Step 4: Publish Resume

The last thing you need to do before getting your hands on your impeccable job resume. Go through your job resume one last time, publish a copy of it and you are done

Now, you are ready to start applying for job openings in your dream company.


Take some time to learn about the resume building program and try some tools for resume writing to create a professional and compose job resume. To clear the first step of your job search journey, you need to have an impeccable resume by your side.

So, make no mistake and get ready to have a successful job search.