How To Make Your Job Resume Appealing?

How To Make Your Job Resume Appealing?


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You can make a job resume engaging only in its own form, there’s no other way.

You may try and use pictures, graphs, colors, or other illustrations, to make it look fancy. But, in the end, a resume has to be what it is supposed to be; a clear description of your skills and academic achievements.

A few resume building tips implemented sincerely can help break down the hesitations on where to start and how to go about building a great resume.

So, here’re some proficient tips on how you can make your job resume appealing.


Choose the right words

It has been said repeatedly that your job resume needs to be error free in terms of spelling and grammar. It reflects a lot about your personality. Other than that, what’s often ignored is the selection of right words for the resume.

Words make impression faster than anything else. Don’t pick up exact lines from the internet and build a visibly copied down resume from different sources. If you are taking reference from resume templates, make sure you put in your own words and select them carefully.

For instance, have a look at the provided sentences:

  1. I am a connoisseur of good food.
  2. I am an expert at judging good food.

The difference is evident, isn’t it?


Customize your resume as per the job application

What’s appealing for one job role or one work environment can differ drastically from another company that’s looking for an entirely different skill set and qualities. So, you possibly can’t just make a resume and call it attractive.

You have to work separately for every job application. Though it isn’t necessary to write an entirely new job resume every time, do focus on parts that might need some work before you submit it along with your application.


Take care of font & spacing

Done with the design and content, the next most important thing is the font. While you have hundreds of options to choose from, it is better to stick to a selected few. The main characteristics of the font you choose should be:

  • It should be clear on paper and on screen.
  • There should be enough spacing between words and other marks.
  • They shouldn’t be cursive or anything that requires extra effort on part of the reader.
  • It shouldn’t be comic sans (and others of the kind).

Also, take care of proper spacing. There should be no cramming of words. Provide enough space and make sure headings and highlighted words are separated with bigger and bold fonts as per requirement.


Take professional help

With a little hard work, you can come up with fine content but if your mind doesn’t work exactly in a creative way, it’s best to take professional help with the template. The template decides the overall look of your resume and it’s the nearest you can go to adding a visible design to your resume, so ensure you do it properly.

Check out Resume Buddy to create a professional and appealing resume sitting at home. It helps you choose the best template as per industry and provide you content recommendations too.



It doesn’t take a load of an effort but a bit of sincerity on your part regarding every small aspect of job search. In fact, your job resume is one of the first things that can help you put an impression on the recruiter so make sure you don’t mess it up.