Job Interview Question: What Are Your Pet Peeves?

Job Interview Question: What Are Your Pet Peeves?


“What are your pet peeves”- questions like these are tricky and you should not answer then on impulse. The reason being the recruiter is asking you to talk about something negative about yourself. Although, it isn’t a question that you expect in a job interview but it is always worth having a great answer prepared, just in case.

To prepare an answer to this question, you must understand why the hiring manager is asking it in the first place. “What are your pet peeves?” is a behavioural question to find out more about your real-world personality. And, the interviewer wants to see how you might fit into the culture of the company in terms of sense of maturity and conflict resolution skills.

But worry not, here are a few steps you can follow to craft a compelling and thoughtful answer to this job interview question.

Do Your Research On The Company 

Before preparing any job interview answers, you must do a thorough research on the company you are applying to. Try to find answers to “what kind of environment the company or the team fosters?” This will help you in drafting a detailed answer to all the interview question.

However, when it comes to this particular question of pet peeves it’s always better to play it safe because you don’t know what might offend the hiring manager. Hence, you should keep your answers generic and explainable.

Be Honest And Upfront 

The reason to ask this particular question was to get a reflection of your actual personality. Therefore, don’t try to give a flattering answer. Be as honest as you can be and add a one-line explanation if you have to.

For instance, avoid giving answers such as “I hate it when people don’t work as much as I do” or something like ” My pet peeve is when people aren’t as focused as me”. This type of answers will have the opposite effect.

Once again, don’t make any transparent attempts to impress the interviewer because it might backfires.

Explain Why 

When answering there are chances that you might accidentally insult the person interviewing you even if you weren’t trying to. As you will have no idea about whether your pet peeve is something that the interviewer does.

This is the reason why this question is filled with potential pitfalls. Hence, it is better to explain why that particular pet peeve bothers you. Try your best to explain it, you can also give examples for clarity.

Stay Calm And Keep It Short

Sometimes questions like this can be unexpected. So, it is advisable to keep your voice and demeanour calm. You can also discuss your answer with the interviewer. However, getting overly emotional over a question might raise red flags. Hence, it is better to take a few deep breathes before answering the question.

In terms of the length of the question, pick one pet peeve to talk about rather than going on and on about things that annoy you at work. Focus on preparing an answer around one particular issue.

Although talking about pet peeves can make you anxious, if you keep your calm and keep your answers short and sweets we are sure you can come up with a thoughtful answer to impress the interviewer. However, if you are still worried about your job interview then Mock-AI can help you prepare for your job interview. It is designed to assess you on your body posture, facial expression and voice modulations.

Just remember that no matter how tricky the question is, also give your best. Take your time before answering it and we are sure you will ace it