What Is A Video Interview And How Can You Excel In It

What Is A Video Interview And How Can You Excel In It



A video interview is a common job interview process and is often done when a recruiter and job interviewee are not in the same geographical location. Sometimes it’s not feasible to pay for an interviewee to travel to the office location, nor for the interviewer to get to the candidate. This interview also takes place for remote jobs, freelancing jobs or jobs which don’t have a physical office.

So, today, in this article, we’ll discuss all about a video interview and, if you happen to be awaiting one in the recent future, how you can excel in it.

What happens in a video interview? 

  • The video interview is a job interview conducted via video. It is often done using Skype, Google Hangout, or proprietary software that the company uses.
  • Just like a typical job interview, the video interview is scheduled at a particular time and date.
  • Both the parties will be present at the same time and converse via video. Simple as that!

Such interviews require the same amount of interview preparation as a face to face interview. But due to the involvement of technology, you will have to prepare a bit differently. We have listed out the things you need to do for such interviews so that you can excel at it –


Have a background setup ready

The awesome thing about a video interview is that you can do it anywhere. To get the best environment for the interview, you need to have a private space in a room where no one will disturb you for the duration of an interview. Get a place which does not have traffic sounds or other household noises. It will affect the voice quality and hamper listening skills.

Also, get a room that is well-lit and position the camera such that you are facing a light. Ensure the background is a plain wall without posters or unnecessary things.  Light and sound are essential elements of a video interview, and you need to ace them.


Check the equipment

A video interview will require equipment like a laptop, earphones, or you can even do it on a good smartphone. The most important thing is the internet connection.

You do not want to get stuck in the middle of a great job interview and then lose the internet. It will kill the whole vibe, and you will have to start building a rapport all over again.

A great idea is to conduct a mock interview with a friend to check on the sound and visual quality of the video call. You can also ensure the login details are correct and you didn’t forget the password of your Skype account in the last minute!


Work on your video interview skills

The visual interview has its advantages and disadvantages. On a video, you can keep fidgeting with a pen or anything to relieve stress below the camera, and no one would know! But, you will have to ensure your body posture, voice and facial expressions are good as the interviewer sees those.

The best way to figure out how to do this is to use a mock interview tool like Mock AI.

The tool helps you record a visual interview and gives you a detailed feedback of all the parameters like body language, voice modulation, and communication skills. It can help you assess your strategy of acing the interview.


Prepare for the D-Day of the interview

Take this interview as seriously as a face to face job interview. Get online at least half an hour before the interview, ensure all the things are in place. Wear professional clothing and groom yourself as you would for a personal interview, casual clothing should be avoided. Let everyone around you know that you have an interview and avoid distractions.



Just ensure these things are in place and your video interview will turn out awesome. If you have any particular queries about a video interview do send in your query in the comments and we will help you with it. And to have a great video interview session, register for MockAI today.