How To Prepare For A Non-Technical Job Interview?

How To Prepare For A Non-Technical Job Interview?


non-technical job interview


A non-technical job interview is essentially a job interview that does not focus on technical knowledge. This kind of interview may be conducted by an HR, Team Manager, Founder, etc. and could be a series of interviews.

On the other hand, it could be for non-IT jobs and other non-tech jobs like sales and marketing, product management, account management, Public Relations, etc.

Such job interviews are for the kind of job professions which do not require technical knowledge of a software or a tool.

You should know how to be job ready and know how to ace a non-technical job interview, whether you are applying for tech jobs or non-tech jobs in 2019. Here is just how you can do that –

  1. Learn about the company and its products – A lot of questions in a non-technical job interview are going to be about the company and its products and services. The interviewer wants to know how passionate you are about the company. This is because most often you will have to sell its products or pitch to clients, and you need to believe in the company. Spend some time and go through news articles, social media pages, and LinkedIn profiles of company employees to understand the company profile.

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  1. Hone up your communication skills – One of the most important things the recruiter is going to check in a non-technical job interview is your communication skills. Speaking proper English is an important element but more than that, other things like how well you communicated your point, how you listed, your comprehension skills are all tested in the interviews for non-IT jobs. They are looking for team management skills, collaboration skills, and good communication is just the best indicator of it.


  1. Focus on body language – In a non-technical job interview the recruiter is assessing everything about you, and the importance of body language cannot be stressed enough! They want to see how you handle stressful situations, which is why many interviews for non-tech jobs in 2019 are stress-based. The way you sit, speak, and respond is under the scanner. You should practice and learn to improve your body language indicators like proper posture, good handshake, eye contact, etc. The best way to improve on that is by taking a mock interview.


  1. Improve your resume and work experience – Whether it is for tech jobs or non-IT jobs, the non-technical job interview is going to focus on your personality and the kind of work you have done. It is rarely about what you know because non-tech jobs do not need someone who knows stuff, they want someone who has done stuff. As a fresher, the best way for you to improve your resume and profile is to do many projects, certifications, and internships. This way you can discuss them in the non-technical job interview and convince them about your capability.


  1. Be prepared for common interview questions – A non-technical job interview often revolves around the same questions, and you should be prepared for these questions. If you falter in answering these questions, then the recruiter is going to wonder about the kind of preparation you have done for the interview and whether you are interested in the job. Here is a list of the common interview questions that can be asked in a non-technical job interview –

– Tell me about yourself

– Tell me something that is not on your resume

– Why do you want this job?

– Why do you want to work in this company?

– How long will you work here?

– Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?

– Where do you see yourself in the company?

– Why did you leave your last job?

– Tell us your strengths and weaknesses

– What are your long-term goals?

– What are your hobbies?

– What would your friends say about you?

– Why should we hire you?

– How would you work in a team?


You can use a tool like Mock AI that will help you take a mock interview and improve your chances at acing the non-technical job interview. You will get real interview questions and a detailed report about your performance and issues that you can work on.

Do you have any questions about this kind of job interview? Let us know in the comments below.

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