10 Interview Skills You Need To Excel At The Job Interviews

10 Interview Skills You Need To Excel At The Job Interviews


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Job interviews are stressful, and you will need fantastic interview skills to get through an interview at the first go. The good news is that like all skills, interview skills can also be learned and developed with practice. You don’t have to be blessed genetically with good interview skills!

However, these skills cannot be learned overnight, and you need to start months ahead in your interview preparation to ensure success.

The first step would be to know these interview skills so you can work on them and excel in your job interviews –

  1. Ability to Listen and Answer – Listening is surprisingly the most important among interview skills, yet it is also something most freshers fumble at. Many people are eager to answer to prove that they know the answers, but they don’t listen properly. Ensure that you listen carefully to what the interviewer is saying and process the information before you reply.

  1. Thinking before speaking – A follow up on lousy listening skills is the mistake of talking without thinking! One of the most valuable interview skills to possess is the ability to think before speaking. The recruiter won’t mind waiting for a few additional seconds for your answer. You need to showcase that you have patience and have a calm thought process that you use before taking any decision.

  1. Good non-verbal communication skills –Your mastery over your language is always rewarding, but it’s the non-verbal communication skills that are really valuable interview skills. Your body posture, voice and facial expressions tell a lot more than you would like! The only way to perfect this is via mock interviews. Use a tool like Mock AI that allows you to record a video and get feedback on all these parameters. This will get you prepared for your interview.

  1. Thinking on your feet – While you need to think before you speak in a job interview, you also need to have the ability to think on your feet. Many job interviews are stress interviews, and no amount of interview preparation can prepare you, this is when your interview skills of thinking on your feet help. You need to evaluate your alternative options and decide on the best course of action. And if you don’t know the answer then politely say so, don’t give wrong answers!

  1. Engaging with a positive attitude – Recruiters love candidates who are enthusiastic and seem eager about the job position on offer. Showcasing a positive attitude is among the best interview skills that will impress the recruiter and get you closer to a job offer. Smile when required, nod appropriately and showcase positive body language.

  1. Clarity in your answers and thoughts – Recruiters like focused candidates, they need candidates who are interested in the job and know why they fit the role. You can ensure you have this clarity of thought by working on your interview skills with the Mock AI The system has hundreds of common interview questions that are asked in interviews. Your interviewers will be impressed by how crisply you answered the questions.

  1. Speaking to the point – One of the interview skills that will help you is the ability to understand how much to talk. In your quest to answer elaborately you may narrate an incident or story that is too long! Storytelling is an asset, and you should be able to use it properly. When a recruiter asks a question, answer to the point and say that you can elaborate on the point if they wish. Depending on your short answer they may ask you for a more detailed explanation.

  1. Ability to take negative feedback – Sometimes job interviews don’t go the way you imagined them to and mostly this happens when the interview takes a negative turn. Your recruiter may on purpose or inadvertently say something negative about your profile or resume. The interview skills that will help you in this situation is to remain calm and say that you take their feedback and will work on it. Confrontation is not going to help you at this point.

  1. Confidence and composure – If you ask any recruiter, they will tell you that one of the top interview skills they like in a candidate is their confidence and self-esteem. Successful candidates know how to stay calm and confident. You can practice this during your mock interview with a tool like the Mock AI that will give you feedback on your confidence.

  1. Ability to withstand pressure – Any team is bound to have pressure working conditions and recruiters like to test this with their stress interviews. One of the interview skills that will help you in such cases is the ability to undertake pressure. You need to prepare yourself with answers in all worst case scenarios, this way you will be prepared when you come across one!

Found these interview skills useful? Now you know what the skills you need to work on for a successful job interview are. For more such interview tips follow our blog here.