Interview Question: How To Answer “What Is Your Salary Expectation?”

Interview Question: How To Answer “What Is Your Salary Expectation?”

Job interview question ‘what is your salary expectations?”

We always advise you that you should prepare a few handful of interview questions when gearing up for an interview. Preparing for a job interview makes you gain more confidence in your ability to face the interviewer. Moreover, drafting answers to typical job interview will make your verbal communication more fluent. And, will show the recruiter how polished your interview skills are.

Now one of the most common questions asked by recruiter usually at the end of the interview. This common interview question is ” what is your salary expectations?”  So, let us learn all about the why and what of this question. And, how to answer this simple looking yet tricky question.

Why this job interview question?

The foremost thing to do when writing an answer to this question is to know why the recruiter asked you this question in the first place.

The most important thing to regard is that they are considering your candidature. Another reason to ask this question was that the recruiter wants to know how much value you put on your skills and abilities. They might also want to know whether you have the guts to state a figure or are you meek enough to accept any figure.

How to answer this question?

Now, to crack this question. You need to research the salary structure prevailing in your chosen industry. The easiest way is by going through job portals. This way you will know how much companies are paying people with your qualification and skill-set.

Remember to quote a number which is a tad bit higher than the average. Now, this might get you a salary a little higher than the average while also sounding reasonable. However, don’t quote numbers out of thin air as this might impact your chances of getting the job.

Other things to keep in mind

If you don’t know how much to quote when the interviewer ask you then, it’s better to mention a salary range. However, consider everything when determining a salary. Also, be open to negotiation when deciding the pay scale.
Most importantly, wait for the interviewer to ask you the question about your salary expectations. And, encourage them to speak their mind because they might be considering a higher package.

This question might not be the trickest interview question out there but, one can never be too cautious and it is always better to prepare an answer beforehand to face this question. However, you should also be mindful of your interview skills. Be confident and prepared when facing the interviewer. You can take help of Mock-AI to give your preparation a boost.