How To Prepare For Your First Job And Final Semester At The...

How To Prepare For Your First Job And Final Semester At The Same Time?


how to prepare for your first job


The final semester is the most hectic period of your college life. You will have to prepare for your first job, ace those final term exams, and also need to make room for having those last few fun moments with your friends.

If you find yourself asking your seniors or classmates for advice about how to handle both, then this guide is for you. Here’s how you can bring a balance between preparing for your first job and your final semester, at the same time;


Keep the momentum going on and plan your schedule

As a final year student, you are going to have to multitask like you never have! Every day is precious, and before you know it, you will be at the end of your college year. This is why you need to plan and ensure you are taking all the steps to get that job.

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Write the AMCAT – The AMCAT Exam is an excellent opportunity to assess your employability skills and showcase it to your employers. You can include your AMCAT score and list your strengths on your resume which can be submitted for your campus placements. You can also get jobs through AMCAT once you register and get your score!

Create a schedule – You should ideally schedule your AMCAT exam before your campus placements. Once you start preparing for the AMCAT you will be in the mindset of getting the first job; you will not slack off and get distracted by any other activities. It will keep the momentum going on and help you focus on the long term goal of getting a job.



Be focused on studies and knowledge revision

Subject knowledge – The key to preparing for your first job is to ensure that you have accumulated enough subject knowledge to impress the recruiter. You will be mostly asked questions from the subjects you have taken in your final semester. This way when you study you can attempt both with ease. This will also help improve your AMCAT exam scores as AMCAT syllabus covers most of the topics of the final semester.

Preparing for aptitude testsAptitude tests are a big part of job preparation, and by studying these subjects you can also prepare for the aptitude tests. However, since the pattern for aptitude tests is different from final semester exams, you can attempt the sample papers of the AMCAT Exam and the exam itself, to be prepared for the aptitude tests during campus placements and other off-campus placements.


Hone your communication skills

As you have seen the schedule and the demands of both, the journey to prepare for your first job and the way of getting good marks in your final semester exams, are related. If you do one correctly, you will also end up acing the other goal!

Viva – Most final semester subjects have a project that will require a Viva Voce segment for final marking. This is the scariest part as you will face an external examiner who will want to grill you for the questions. This is why you can use a mock interview to help you gain confidence.

You can use Mock AI, which is an artificial intelligence tool that will take a mock interview and give you detailed feedback about your body language, voice modulation and communication.

Placement Interviews – Along with the Viva for the final semester, another way in which the mock interviews will help are for final interviews of campus placements. This will be great and help you prepare for your first job. Ideally, you should use the Mock AI at least two months before the Viva or Campus Placements whichever comes earlier.




Just keep these points in mind and plan to prepare for your first job and final semester at the same time. AMCAT Premium is a great tool offered by myAMCAT that can help you prepare well for your first job.

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