Get job ready! Gain work experience while still in college

Get job ready! Gain work experience while still in college


You will need more than a degree to get hired. Yes, that’s true. Majority of employers nowadays are looking for graduates with some work experience on their resume. The real word exposure will help you gain the necessary workplace skills which employers say are much needed to succeed in a workplace. Good grades will help stand out but good grades with work experience will take you much closer to your dream job. We tell you a few ways in which you can get the right exposure while you’re still in college –

Get an internship – Internships have become an important part in the higher education system as they are the first step towards the real corporate world. Lack of industry relevant skills and soft skills in graduates is a major concern reported by employers and internships can address this perfectly. Find an internship in a field that interests you or the field you are studying in. This can help you understand where your interest and skill set lies before you commit to a job role as a full time career. Internships can also hone your interpersonal skills, communication and teamwork skills which are much sought after once you start a job.

Take up a job on campus – Many of you might not be able to get an internship/part time job while in your first or second year but don’t wait for an opportunity to come your way. Every college/university has clubs/departments that are working on a wide range of activities round the year. Join a club that interests you and participate actively. The experience will be invaluable and will definitely add to your resume in showcasing the initiative and effort to cultivate the right set of skills.

Freelance – This could be your opportunity to get work experience as well as little additional income. If you have a skill/talent then utilise your time after college to get into freelance work. Web development, design, photography, journalism are some of the fields where freelance work is common. Since you have the option to decide the frequency of these assignments, it is the perfect scenario for all of you who are still studying. Freelancing can help you polish your skills and also add great value to you resume. Pass the word around through your friends or list your work on established sites to get good visibility and projects coming your way.

Volunteer – Volunteering is an easy option for many of you in college and has great benefits. Many organisations require volunteers for their events/workshops/projects or you could also enrol for volunteering work with an NGO. The experience will give you an insight into the functioning of the particular industry and also help build new connections. While you may opt for events for a good cause, also try and explore volunteering options pertaining to your field of study to get the relevant work experience.

Start a blog – If you have good writing skills then set up a blog. Write about the career field/subject which is of interest and that you aim to pursue in future. Whether you are a budding chef or a web designer, the blog can become a great way to showcase your abilities and insights on the subject. This will be a great tool for your job search and will add considerable value to your resume. However, if you do plan to start a blog, make sure you invest time in it regularly and sincerely.

The skills you will gain through these experiences will be useful for any field that you may finally choose. While enjoying your college years should definitely be on the cards, don’t hesitate to put in a few extra hours to make yourself job ready and eligible for a better career once you graduate.