Fast growing careers you can pursue in 2016

Fast growing careers you can pursue in 2016


The best way to stay relevant in today’s job market is to know the in-demand jobs and skills that companies are looking for. With new sectors and businesses coming up, there are plenty of new roles being created which did not exist earlier or were not as much in demand. If you’re still in college or looking out for a job, we share with you the top 5 careers that are sure to boom in 2016 –

Software Developers

As software surrounds us everywhere now, professionals who master it will never go out of a job. Due to an increase in the number of start-ups, IT companies will have to ramp up their packages which will not only allow this profession to grow in numbers but also in terms of salary. Graduates in tech or computer based courses can plan for this.

Survey Researchers

2015 indeed witnessed a rise in the number of surveys, as start-ups and private companies conducted innumerable researches mostly to study the nature of the existing market. Top companies employ survey researchers who collect and analyze data related to the survey and derive probable conclusions. If you want to be in this profession, you need to have clear knowledge about techniques and methods of conducting a survey.

Personal Financial Advisor

You don’t necessarily need to start from a High Net worth Individual (HNI). You can start your journey as a financial planner for wealth management firms, tax consultancy firms, insurance distributors, banks and financial institutions. MBAs, chartered accountants, research analysts and fund managers can aim for this role. If you take up the Certified Financial Planner course of Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) India, your proficiency will boost and you are sure to gain a career growth.

Web Designers

With a majority of the communication going online, companies now count this as a major platform for marketing. More companies will take the digital route this year with a growing need to design and define their website and online presence. Along with tech skills, an innovative mind set is important to be successful as a web designer. There’s also plenty of web designing agencies you can join to try this out as a career.

Organizational Psychologists

You may pursue a clinical doctorate or master’s counsellor in psychology. Being an organizational psychologist weighs up a lot of responsibilities on you. From work-life balance of each employee to the overall productivity of the organization- you can boost and frame the entire workspace. As the work culture of India goes diverse and widens, the scope for organizational psychologists is at a rise.


(This is an edited version of the article which first appeared on Silicon India)