50 Common problems of a fresher

50 Common problems of a fresher

Know about the 50 most common issues faced by the freshers today.

50common job problems of a fresher

Common problems of a fresherMost of the college pass-outs often have innumerable doubts and questions in their mind regarding their first job, interviews, resumes, companies, selection tests, corporate culture, workplace norms etc. In this blog, we will look at the 50 most common challenges faced by the freshers today.

  1. What all should I include in my resume?
  2. I do not have good recommendations and references? What do I do?
  3. How do I qualify in the aptitude test?
  4. How to search and apply for jobs?
  5. How to search for references in companies?
  6. How do I contact the companies?
  7. Which job portal is best for the freshers?
  8. What if I do not get a job in an MNC?
  9. What if I begin my career with a start-up?
  10. Should I join first as an intern?
  11. How to get a job in a good company if my grades are not good?
  12. How to make my resume impressive so that I get an interview call?
  13. How do I overcome the nervousness that I face in the interview?
  14. How do I prepare and present myself for the job interview?
  15. What are the dos and don’ts of the job interview?
  16. What do I do if my communication skills are not good?
  17. How should I behave to make a solid first impression?
  18. What should I say when the hiring manager asks me about my strengths and weaknesses?
  19. How to handle questions in an interview that I don’t know?
  20. Hobbies? What if I don’t have any?
  21. What if I lie in the interview? Will I get caught?
  22. Will companies do a proper background check?
  23. How to deal with confusion about the career path?
  24. What to do when there is a problem of plenty?
  25. MNC or startup? Best for a fresher?
  26. What should I do when my parents keep on asking me about job offers?
  27. How do I deal with the peer pressure?
  28. Why am I not getting any interview calls?
  29. Why is no one hiring me?
  30. I am becoming very frustrated with the job search. How do I handle this?
  31. My pay is not as much as I expected. What to do?
  32. I am jealous of my friends who have job offers in MNC’s with good pay. How should I deal with it?
  33. I did not get any job offers in my campus placements. Does that mean my career ended?
  34. Where ever I go, they say there are no vacancies. What should I do?
  35. I lack confidence. What steps should I take?
  36. Is social media beneficial for freshers?
  37. What do I do if I do not have good projects to place on my resume?
  38. How do I update myself?
  39. What if I do not get a job after 3 months of my graduation?
  40. Are job portals really helpful?
  41. How to tackle the telephonic interview?
  42. What is better: Top pay or Top company?
  43. How should I write my cover letter?
  44. How to improve my soft skills?
  45. Should I follow up with the interviewer after the interview?
  46. Is LinkedIn beneficial for freshers?
  47. What to do if I want a job in a different field?
  48. How should I behave at my first day at work?
  49. How do I track and know about the job openings?
  50. My grades are good but I am not getting any offers from anywhere. What should I do?