10 Simple tips for new graduates on landing their first job

10 Simple tips for new graduates on landing their first job


Are you looking for your first job and not sure how and where to start? The transition from college to your first job is a pretty difficult task. So, to make it smooth we have 10 simple tips that will help you in landing that first job you have been waiting for.

  1. Punctuality:Reach the venue on time. Do not be late. If you reach too early, spend some time in some nearby coffee shop or garden. Show yourself at the reception ten to fifteen minutes before the scheduled time. When you are too early you look desperate.
  2. Correct body language: Body language is important. Very important. You can say what you want during a job interview, but if your body language tells a different story, you may seem insecure, unreliable or arrogant. Don’t wait for the other person to initiate the first handshake. Go ahead and initiate the first handshake if you can. This shows that you feel confident. Avoid giving a soft or a very tight handshake. Have a good eye contact with the interviewer during the interview. This will show that you are interested and sincere. Stay calm and composed.
  3. Attire:You should always decide beforehand what you will wear for the interview. Regardless of the company you are interviewing with, you should never wear something too casual or too party like. The first impression you make on the interviewer is the most important one. That’s why it’s always important to dress appropriately for a job interview. Suit it up and choose colors that are not too bright or flashy.
  4. Research:Before you go into your first interview, research as much as you can. Take your time to learn about the company you are targeting by visiting its website, social media sites, blogs etc. This will always provide you an edge.
  5. Gain work experience:Try to gain some work experience or volunteer work while you are in school or college. It is an effective way to learn valuable skills and improve your job prospects. Internships is another good opportunity to enhance your strengths and skill set.
  6. Improve your job search and application skills:Tailor your resume to the specific role you’re applying for. Double check your resume for those tiny errors like punctuation, spelling mistakes, capitalization etc. Try to improve the quality of your job application, resume and interview skills as much as possible. Make the best use of the online job portals like naukri, monster, time jobs etc. They can be beneficial in getting you that first step you have been waiting for. Plus, they also increase your visibility in the job market. Upload your resume on the portals and keep updating it on a regular basis. Also, social media sites are quite helpful in job search. You can consider Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites for knowing about jobs, employees and making contacts.
  7. Network:Ask help from your parents, their friends, your older friends with jobs, and anyone else you know who might help you in some way to get into that dream company of yours. Sit down for an informational interview and get inside advice on how to apply or qualify for a position in the competitive industry. You can also consider the social media sites to increase your networking.
  8. Smile:“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do”- Mother Teresa. A genuine smile in your interview can do wonders. Research says, a smile has a huge effect on how an employer feels about the quality of a job candidate during an interview. So, don’t forget to smile next time you’re interviewing for a position and you could soon find yourself holding a job offer.
  9. Share your feedback:Share your interview or test experience via an email with your interviewer or HR. It shows that you are an organized, well-mannered person and genuinely inquisitive about the position.
  10. Follow up:If you don’t hear back right after an interview, wait for a week and get in contact. A polite email or a short phone call is acceptable. It shows that you are interested in the company and job. Just remember not to overdo it.

Follow these 10 tips to make sure that your job search is a success.

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