6 Simple tips no one tells you about finding your first job!

6 Simple tips no one tells you about finding your first job!


How to get that ‘one’ opportunity in the competitive job market? This is the question that almost all the new college graduates asks themselves. Sure, getting a job in this challenging corporate atmosphere is tough, challenging, confusing and inevitable. The chances of getting a job because you applied online is slim. So, you need to expand your search techniques and pattern if you want to get a job soon. To make the entire journey of your job search facile and uncomplicated we have 5 simple tips for you:-

  1. Ignite your networking flame: “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.” Network as much as you can. Start searching and spreading the word about job hunting both offline and online. Those ‘who you know’ and ‘who knows you’ can be often the ones behind your first job. Be active on social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn, do not just talk to people you now but network with people holding a influencing position and whose references can work out. Just keep it a point to be as professional and grateful as you can. A small tip: Clean up your online mess. Use the social media to portray your best side.
  2. Spread you wings wide open, don’t limit to Online Applications:  You applied online. Good! Now, don’t sit dreaming about the chances of your interview. Try and get contacts from the company that you are aiming for. Ask for references and recommendations. References always work, you are more likely to get a call if someone from the firm has referred you. LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms are great sources to help you connect. Get on radar of every people who can help you get a job. Get out of your house! Attend all those young professional meetups, gatherings and events. Interact as much as you can but always remember to be professional. Also, you can always ask your parents friends to help you out (It is better if you ask rather than your parents- shows your seriousness). Do not forget to be in touch with your college friends- they can refer you if there is a vacancy in their organization.
  3. To kick-start your career, ‘Research’ is the key: ‘Research is what to do when you don’t know what to do.’ Every minute that you invest in researching pays off. Don’t apply anywhere without doing thorough research, however appealing the job profile may look. Do your homework: know about the organization, people who work there and work culture. Make a list of questions that might have come to your mind while doing the research (Trust me, they will be of great help if you get an interview call!).
  4. Stop being too ‘Choosy’: Recollect what was taught in school,” A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Appreciate what you have and anyways, it is better to have something rather than no job at all (you can still continue trying for your dream job). Don’t be disheartened if your friends are working in big MNC’s and you have just managed to get yourself a job. Take it as an inspiration and work hard (it is worth it!) It usually takes longer than you expected. Meanwhile, give your 100% to the job you have- it will create a sense of responsibility and stability which will definitely make you feel better. Plus, you never know you might even discover some hidden talents in the process. Just, don’t give up. You will get that perfect ‘dream’ job of yours, it is just a matter of time (patience is the key!)
  5. LinkedIn account is a must: If you do not have a linkedIn account then probably you do not exist. Do it right away! Today, 90% of companies use LinkedIn to find the right candidate for the vacancy they need to fill. It acts as a bridge to build the gap between employers and job seekers and is one of the best source for career, job search and networking aspect.
  6. Take help from the job portals: There are number of job portals present today which are of great assistance when it comes to job search. Naukri, monster, timesjobs are one of the best job search portals in India. Upload your resume in these portals if you haven’t yet! Today, almost 95% of the human resources department uses these job portals to contact the aspirants. What are you waiting for, go and make use of it!

Not every application ends up with a job offer. Rejections will come and go, it is the part of the process. Don’t be disheartened. Just that you didn’t get your dream job at the first go doesn’t mean you are not worth it. “Slow and steady wins the race” – remember it. So, stay positive, calm, determined and switch on that ‘Power’ mode and you will kill it!