Classic Job Interview Preparation Tips That Are Still Relevant

Classic Job Interview Preparation Tips That Are Still Relevant


Interview Preparation TipsThe current workforce is a mix of Baby Boomers, Gen-X and Millennials. So, when you are looking for job interview preparation tips, you need to look at the tips which will appeal to people who grew up without the internet and emails, and people who didn’t. And also people who have a very strong sense of how you should dress up for office and people who take dressing up too casually.

And, while the company you are going to interview in and the industry involved plays a huge role in determining which job interview preparation tips will work best, there are some tips that stay relevant in any case.

What these job interview preparation tips are, let’s take a look –

Bring extra copies of your resume

Your job resume will be the basis of your whole interview. As such, keep extra copies of your resume handy in case you are asked for it. The hiring manager may or may not be carrying a printed copy of your resume or they might like you so much that ask other people from senior management to join the interview process.

You need to be ready for all such possibilities and show the recruiters that you are not only prepared but are also reliable.

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Copy of relevant documents

Most people assume that just because they have sent across a soft copy of their projects or have already submitted their resume, they don’t need to carry anything else. However, always carry a copy of relevant documents; photo id proof, educational certificates, interview call letter and so on.

Another of the important interview preparation tips to remember is to carry your recent photograph. To know more about the what all you should carry to the job interview, read our blog on the topic – “List of documents required for a job interview”

Dressing up in formals

Most companies are pretty cool about how their employees dress up. Bright colours, fashionable dresses and colourful shoes are no longer frowned upon or considered unprofessional anymore. However, many people take it as a confirmation that they don’t really need to dress up in formals for the job interview.

Dressing up in prim and proper clothing, wearing comfortable and neat shoes and having a formal appearance is one of the classic job interview preparation tips that are still very much relevant. To get a better understanding of how to dress up during an interview, read “how to dress to impress during a job interview”.

Reaching the interview location before time

Another of the classic job interview preparation tips that you must take note of is reaching the interview location before time. If the interviewer schedules the interview for 10 AM, then be there by 9:40 AM.

Having extra time in hand will help you access the work environment there and see whether you would want to join or not. It will also allow you time to collect your breath and thoughts.

If you leave your house with the intention of reaching the interview location before time, then even if you get stuck in traffic or get late due to other issues, you will have some time in hand to make up for it. And, while arriving early won’t do you any harm, arriving late for the interview will leave a bitter impression on the interviewer.

Sending a ‘thank you’ note

Your interview preparation should not stop at just giving the interview and leaving. Once you are done with your interview, acknowledge the interviewer for taking out some time out for you. Also, understand that they gave you an opportunity to prove yourself with this interview and thank them for it.

Sending a ‘thank you’ note might sound outdated but courtesies always pay well. If the interviewer is a little unsure about you, then a thank you message might make them review your candidature again.


When preparing for an interview, you don’t have to come across as too hip in the fear of seeming archaic. And, while you should take note of the modern interview preparation tips, you should also keep in mind the classic ones which are still relevant and can turn the tables in your favour.

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