Resume Tips: Type Of Job Resume You Can Choose From

Resume Tips: Type Of Job Resume You Can Choose From


Writing an eye-catching job resume involves various steps. Before you even start writing your job resume you should go through the job description. After identifying the position you are applying for you should select the format for your job resume. There are three types of job resume format: Chronological, Functional, and Combination.

We are here to help you make an intelligent choice that is why we have written a brief description of all the three formats.

Chronological Job Resume

Chronological job resume is the most widely used resume format. In this type of resume, you list your work history in reverse chronological order, starting from your most recent job and working backwards. It is an ideal resume format if you want to emphasize past career growth and development in the same discipline. Also, this job resume format is very easy to write and the recruiter will like to see job titles and level of responsibilities held by you.

Now, because this resume format often includes the first career-oriented job after college, and describe every position held since then. This might length your resume. Therefore, if the length of your job resume is very long then try omitting the older experiences or any work experience which is not relevant to the job you are applying for.

This job resume is ideal for providing a quick snapshot of your work experience as it presents a clear picture of your career growth. But this job resume might not be suitable for diverse careers that spanned different disciplines. In addition to that, the recruiter can easily spot any gap years and job-hopping.

However, if your work experience is relevant to the job you are applying to and your resume has no year gaps in between then you are good to go with this format.

Functional Job Resume

The Functional resume focuses more on your skills than on your work experience. It splits your work history into domains of knowledge and ability. It presents a picture of present-tense ability. In this type of resume, you don’t have to mention a timeline.

This particular style let the recruiter evaluate your complex career history in a structured manner. It is especially ideal for people who have work experience in different career paths and different discipline.

In terms of drawbacks, this format of resume is the least favoured resume format. The main reason being the lack of a proper timeline. It showcases a list of skills and attributes, but not showing where exactly those skills came from. And because of that, the recruiter might not get a clear picture of your potential. Moreover, this might raise more questions than answer.

Other than these drawbacks, this job resume is ideal for you if you are a new graduate, have limited work experience or you don’t want to call attention to your employment gap year.

Combination (Hybrid) Job Resume

As the name suggests this resume format is a combination of both chronological resume and functional resume. It let you detail both your work history and skills. It combines the functional “grouping” of skills with a chronological timeline. Due to its flexible nature, you can tailor it as per the job requirement.

The primary drawback is the length of your job resume. If you are combining elements from both of the resume type then you might be creating a resume longer then the ideal 2 pages resume.

This format is ideal to show a structured work history while highlighting your skills that might have been obvious if put in purely chronological order. In addition to that, it also shows your skills that are developed through your work history. Use this format if you are making a career change.

Now regardless of which job resume format you choose, you need to carefully consider which section to choose and in which order. If you need any professional help then resume buddy is here to help you create an ideal resume for your job.