Searching for jobs is difficult, but AMCAT makes it easy for you:...

Searching for jobs is difficult, but AMCAT makes it easy for you: Anusha

Searching for jobs (especially fresher jobs) with the AMCAT Test, works especially well for those who follow the three Ps, as we discovered with Anusha's career arc.

Searching for jobs? This is Anusha Tirakala's takeaway from her AMCAT journey.
Searching for jobs? This is Anusha Tirakala’s takeaway from her AMCAT journey.

Perspective matters. And those who often come to give job-based skill assessments like the AMCAT test come with one. Searching for jobs (especially fresher jobs), using the test is, in most cases, all about that. Don’t believe me? Here is what our AMCAT achiever of the day, Tirakala Anusha had to say:

I took the AMCAT because most of the AMCAT takers are settled in a good position with a good profile.

Searching for jobs? The Three Ps that matter:

In our conversation with Anusha, we were able to glean three things – three things which ensure success with a skill assessment module like the AMCAT test (Hint, Hint) and vice versa.

  • Perspective
  • Practice
  • Preparation

As a 2017 B.Tech graduate from the CMR Institute of Technology from Bengaluru, Anusha knew where she wanted to be in life. A girl, who still takes the time to sing and dance – she was looking for a job as a Java Developer.

So, how did she achieve it? Searching for jobs from one P to another. The perspective bit began with approaching the skill assessment for a job-oriented solution. Then, came practice – literally questions after questions on Cracking the AMCAT Test. Leading to a good AMCAT score.

“I prepared well for the test and the experience was quite good. I got my first call after two months and got a total number of three interview calls.”

What next? Preparation. Specifically, interview preparation.

“I prepared well for the interview. The company conducted a face-to-face interview. The questions asked were quite different from what I expected.”

Would she testify to the AMCAT? Hold her experience as a testimonial to the skill assessment test? This is what she had to say:

Yes Definitely. Searching for jobs is a very difficult task but AMCAT makes it easy for you, instead of roaming here and there.

Ending on our conversation with Anusha, we asked her if she had any tips for other job seekers looking for fresher jobs. She gave us a four-point list.

1. Prepare and follow a time table.
2. Prepare as per the mentioned syllabus.
3. Practise lots and lots of questions.
4. Finally, revise as it is equally important.

Congratulations Anusha, for completing your arc as a Java Developer with Confianza TechnoSoft Solutions. We wish you well on your career path. And for those of you who took the time to read about her journey, consider your own path, by scheduling an AMCAT Test.