Recent Graduate FAQ: Is the AMCAT Test for me?

Recent Graduate FAQ: Is the AMCAT Test for me?

Are you a 2016 graduate and struggling for the career of your dreams? Consider a skill assessment like the AMCAT and project yourself to the right companies.

Take the AMCAT advantage - get hired.
Take the AMCAT advantage – get hired.

“A watershed year for India story” that’s how an economist had described the economy for 2017 and why not! There is a 7.5% growth rate and there are more jobs available in sectors like telecommunication (44%), outsourcing, healthcare and software services.

But still, a large chunk of recent graduates are struggling for their dream job. This is worrisome, especially for graduates from this year.

Why is this happening? Bad luck? No!! It is something that has failed to change for long.

Failure to be employable:

Report after report of the Aspiring Minds National Employability Survey, has shown that the graduates from our education system are not deemed employable by companies. In fact, the same holds true these days for most in the middle-level and senior-level positions – they are not trainable towards new skills as seen in a recent observation made by Srinivas Kandula, Capgemini India’s Chief Executive. Freshers end up in jobs that are not satisfying, as they have no real differentiators in the CV.

How to overcome this gap:

The problem is real – and so is a solution for it, especially if you’re looking for a fresher job in 2018. This is what you need to do as a recent graduate:

Identify core competencies:

Maybe your perceived skills do not match the real ones. Identify and get on track before you’re consumed by a vicious circle of misplaced aspirations and disappointments start. How? Opt for a self-assessment.

Creating differentiation:

We are talking about standing out in the crowd. Differentiation on the basis of relevant skillsets is the key. Building on the results of your skill assessment test, you can work on honing your stronger points and show them as your USPs, vis a vis other candidates.

Bridge the gap:

Next, pitch to a larger network of recruiters and companies with your specific skills, on a standard that they can comprehend. For this, you need an understandable platform that transcends into making a potential recruiter understand your talent.

Consider the AMCAT advantage:

At AMCAT, the test modules are developed keeping in mind exactly the same criteria. Not only do they reveal the real core competencies, but also act as a scale to judge the candidate.

An adaptive test, the skill assessment judges each and every candidate separately – with correct answers yielding tougher questions and incorrect ones yielding easier ones.

Further, the AMCAT test assesses candidates across areas like communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative skills and job-specific domain skills, thus helping recruiters identify the suitability of a candidate.

As a recent graduate, you might feel optimistic about the points that are in your favour. But turning a deaf ear to the negatives is criminal. So, basic question of the relevance of AMCAT for a 2016 graduate boils down to the above discussed three points.

So, take the AMCAT today and make the difference in your job opportunities.

To appear in AMCAT, one has to simply register on the AMCAT website and select a test slot.


  1. Compled in 2014 having experience in semiconductor industry …given amcat in 2017 what to switch to it sector scores are good but i m not getting good call from. Amcat …i what to know how you shortlist candidate …i got a call of company which asking only for CS/IT graduate and i m ECE ..its wasted my whole day.
    And more such type of things happen ….really you have to look into this matter