Preparing for campus placements? All you should know about it

Preparing for campus placements? All you should know about it


Campus placements are employability processes conducted within colleges/universities. These placement drives invite eligible students to participate in the recruitment procedure.

Campus Placements
Campus Placements

The selection process is conducted in various rounds. Sometimes it is executed within a day. On the other hand, sometimes it takes multiple days. Thus, it becomes all the more critical for the students to give their best shot in the desired company. However, it doesn’t come that easy. One needs to ace the right strategy to advance in the campus placement rounds.

Here is a detailed overview of the campus placements along with preparation tips. It includes in-depth nuances of the same. Scroll down to know more.

Stepwise Procedure to Prepare for Campus Placements

Every company adopts a unique course of action. Before moving to the preparation

Campus Placements Methodologies 

Generally, these methodologies are categories into four types:-

i. Aptitude Test followed by the personal interview round,
ii. Aptitude test along with a group activity followed by PI round.
iii. Some companies conduct a direct interview test with a group activity.
iv. Some organizations conduct a direct interview test without a group activity.

So here is a comprehensive guide to gear up for campus placements.

Stepwise Procedure to prepare for Campus Placements
1st Step. Aptitude Test Round
Aptitude Round of Campus placement is the doorway to subsequent rounds of the selection process.
Aptitude Round

Very often, companies conduct an aptitude test to filter out potential students for subsequent rounds. This step involves three to four sections depending upon the job description. Therefore, students must work out each section with great attention. On passing the aptitude round candidates are made eligible to partake in the further selection rounds. Here is a list of crucial sections general included during these assessments:-

a. Quantitative Aptitude- This section includes general mathematical problems. The idea behind it is to assess the students’ calculative ability.

b. Language- Students are tested based on their command of the English language. Since it is a common communication medium for the majority of organizations today. Therefore students are evaluated based on their grip over the language.

c. Technical Questions- Many companies look for technical skills such as programming, networking, designing, etcetera. One may have an attractive resume, but it condenses to one’s practical knowledge.

d. Logical Reasoning- One may have all the knowledge in the world. However, the person would still falter if he/she lacks awareness. Therefore, a majority of recruiters incorporate this section to assess students’ analytical and logical mind.

Apart from the above-listed sections, companies may add or deduce questions according to their requirement.

Colleges conduct employability tests such as AMCAT examinations during the placements drives. These assessment tools save a lot of time to shortlist a potential aspirant.

Preparation Tips for Aptitude Round

There is no replacement of practice. The aptitude round assesses the all-rounded skills of students. Therefore, one needs to keep up a consistent practise towards the D-day. Here’s how students can do it:-

i. Prepare a timetable to maintain a consistent schedule.
ii. Practice mock questions/sample papers to keep to assimilate the time-bound environment of the test.
iii. Brush up the concepts right from basics because it builds the foundation for advanced level.

Become placements-ready with an AMCAT preparation guide.

2nd Step. Group Discussion Round 

Group Discussion Rounds during Campus Placements
Group Discussion Round

Communication skills are an integral part of work culture. Though one may have a firm command over language yet he/she may fail while communicating it across. Hence, companies organize a discussion round amongst the participant. It gives them a chance to spot potential candidates.

Preparation Tips for Group Discussion Round

i. Interact with as many students as possible because it helps in widening one’s perception.
ii. Engage in mock GD session because it provides the required preparedness to face the situation.
iii. Avoid violent statements because it will create a bad impression of impulsiveness. Also, no company wants an aggressive candidate irrespective of skills.
iv. Become the leader of the group. One may wonder how? Students need not wear the tag of a leader to be one. These qualities are evident in one’s persona. For example, give others a chance to speak. Always be a good listener before speaking. This practice will help the employer see through minor details to call out the final judgment.

3rd Step. Interview/Face-to-face Round
Interview Round
Interview Round

After clearing the first two rounds, candidates are called for an interview with the recruitment panel. It is divided into two categories, namely technical and HR round. Here is a brief overview of the same:

a. Technical Round- Employers look for practical knowledge for various technical/engineering roles. Therefore, they conduct this assessment round. This practice helps them in understanding the proficiency of the candidate.

Note. Non-technical jobs may not include this round. However, they may their knowledge-round to understand the applicant better.

b. HR Round- It is an interactive step. Herein, students are judged based on their personality, strengths, soft skills etcetera. Thus, the HR round helps the company to apprehend the personality of a candidate.

Preparation Tips for the Interview Round

Students often worry a lot about facing the interview round during campus placements. After all, it is going to be the deciding round. It involves direct communication with the employer. Therefore everyone strives to give their best shot. Students must prepare themselves through mock interview sessions because it highlights their strengths and weaknesses. Here are some quick tips to seize the opportunity during that important interview round:-

i. Provide honest answers because if the recruiter catch hold of any discrepancy in later stages then it may come with a heavy price.

ii. It is okay if one doesn’t know an answer. However, it is not okay to give stupid answers simply to respond. One must understand, that the employers are just trying to know the candidate. They also understand that everyone doesn’t know everything. To students’ surprise, this attitude of acceptance leaves a good impression on the employer. Hence, don’t refrain from accepting.

iii. Take extra care of the body language and articulation.

It is always better to take expert assistance instead of beating around the bush. Interview preparation can be tough not to crack. Therefore, students must rely on trusted sources. Since most of the collegiate experience such situations for the first time. Therefore, they must also back up their preparation with multiple practice sessions to become comfortable for the actual interview session.

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All the best!