How To Decline A Job Offer Without Sounding Rude

How To Decline A Job Offer Without Sounding Rude


How to decline a job offer gracefully. Job searches can be tricky. You might have to struggle and apply for all jobs you can lay your hands on one day. And the very next day enjoy a surplus number of job offers. However, if you have more than one job offer in hand, then you might have to decline others.

Similarly, sometimes in your hunt for a good job, you might end up interviewing at a place where you would not want to accept the job offer. Or the job offer is not lucrative and persuasive enough for you to want to pursue.

In such situations, you might find yourself in a fix – how to decline these offers?! Now, in your hurry to decline a job offer, you cannot afford to burn any bridges. You need to be very conscious of the method you undertake when declining a job offer.

Be appreciative

You might dismiss it and say that it is the job of the hiring manager to look at hundreds of resumes and find the right candidate. However, whatever their job might be, they gave you a chance to prove yourself and extended a job offer.

As such, you should first and foremost appreciate them for taking your candidature into consideration. Thank them for the opportunity and how you heartily appreciate all the efforts the hiring manager made to get you on board.

Give a brief reason

If you are sure that you won’t be accepting the job offer, then give a brief reason about why you are making the decision. However, if the reason is/are the potential red flags you witnessed during the job interview, then refrain from mentioning them. Instead, keep your focus on the other job offer you might be accepting or the kind of things and perks you want in a job and which you would be unwilling to compromise on.

Don’t make silly excuses for refusing the offer. And most importantly, don’t try and avoid the recruiter after the job interview and try to fade into oblivion instead of telling them upfront that you won’t be joining their company.

Stay connected

Even if you have declined the job offer, that doesn’t say that you don’t need to stay in touch with the recruiter. You can still very well be a part of their network and keep in touch with them off and on.

Offer pleasantries whenever you can and thank them before signing off. Understand that the recruiter must have liked and believed in you enough to extend the offer, so keep that in mind whenever you interact with them. You would want to keep that good image intact and not tarnish them, especially not while declining the job offer.


Whether you accept a job offer is not is completely up to you and your comfort level. There can be many things that might compel you to decline a job offer and search or choose another. However, whatever you do, care to be polite about things and decline every offer with dignity and grace and without burning any bridges.

Also, keep in mind certain factors that you must consider before accepting a job offer. This will help give you a sense of clarity and make you want to stick to your job more faithfully and for a longer period of time.