What Are Placement Drives And How Can You Best Prepare For Them

What Are Placement Drives And How Can You Best Prepare For Them


placement drives

Placement drives are golden opportunities that every college student eagerly awaits.

Colleges announce a particular period, mostly during the final year of graduation, for companies to visit for college hiring. These placement drives are often conducted over a long period including three important phases – pre campus placement, placement drive, and post-campus placement.

  • The pre-campus placement drives invite prestigious companies on campus, and many of these companies are on the dream list of companies for students. They visit much before the placement drives and pick up the brightest students. This phase may or may not happen depending on your college ranking and preference.


  • The placement drives week is the most important period, and depending on the popularity of your college among corporates, it will be conducted over a few days or a few weeks. This is your best chance of getting a campus placement as you will have multiple opportunities to get hired.


  • The post campus placement drive period will still see some companies on campus, but they are not preferred much and might even have low salaries. These companies often know that most of the students have already got jobs and the probability of getting a lucrative job offer is quite low.

Obviously, your aim for placement drives is to get a job offer as soon as you can and in the best company possible.

To help you with this career goal, we have listed out the things you need to focus on. Consider this as a checklist for campus preparation –

1. Find out the history of placement drives in college

Information is the key to success, and you should consult your placement cell and your seniors to find out the trends in campus placement in your college.

Find out which recruiters tend to come when and for what kind of roles.

Also, get a sense of the type of questions they may ask, or the placement drives processes. Of course, there is no guarantee of companies retaining the same process, but at least you can get a sense of what to expect.



2. Start preparing for the aptitude tests

Most companies use aptitude tests to filter out students, and you need to be equipped with common questions and go through the basis of aptitude tests.

Many companies use AMCAT as an employability test, and you can be prepared for it by taking the PrepAMCAT which is a mock AMCAT exam. You can also use sample papers and refer to their syllabus to understand what will come up in the tests.



3. Start working on your resume –

This ideally needs to be done a few months before the placement drives. You need to start working on building your resume, the quickest way to do so is by getting certifications.

Once you are sure of your resume, then you can start creating a good resume.

If you are unsure of the resume format, use a tool like ResumeBuddy which has over 25 resume templates ideal for freshers.



4. Start preparing for the Group Discussion

The group discussion stage is where most freshers become nervous in the placement drives. This is because of lack of preparation!

Start your preparation for this a few months in advance, brush up on your general knowledge and start group discussion groups with your friends to prepare in advance.



5. Prepare for personal interview process

This is the toughest stage of placement drives, and many students fail to prepare for this. Use a tool like MockAI which helps you with common interview questions and lets you give mock interviews.

You will be given feedback based on your performance in the interview. This is the most comprehensive tool online for interview preparation, and it should definitely be on your campus preparation toolkit.



It is clear from the above discussion that placement drives are extremely crucial, and so is the preparation for the same. Working on your resume, interview skills, as well as the assessment tests; you need to be well prepared will all these.

Fortunately, AMCAT offers AMCAT Premium which provides the solution for all these necessities in one single bundle. You get access to PrepAMCAT to prepare for your amcat exam (in case the company accepts amcat scores). You get the options to choose from 25+ different resume templates through Resume Buddy, to create an impeccable job resume. And, finally, you get to practice your interview skills through MockAI, which provides you a comprehensive feedback on your body language, the tone of voice, etc.

There is a lot to do to get prepared for placement drives right? So, register for AMCAT Premium today and get going with this exhaustive list, and be prepared to kick the college hiring season in high gear!


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