Jobs in Bangalore | Why software engineer jobs in Amagi make sense

Jobs in Bangalore | Why software engineer jobs in Amagi make sense

Keen on considering jobs in Amagi? Then, this is what you should know about fresher jobs in the company, located amid our list of jobs in Bangalore.

Jobs in Amagi can lead you to the immerse side of television and digital advertising.
Jobs in Amagi can lead you to the side of television and digital advertising.

Considering jobs in the wider world of marketing or advertising as your career path? If you come looking for jobs in Bangalore, then there is an exciting, high-stakes opportunity available for you. Read on to find out how you can apply for it and ensure a fresher job salary of Rs 9 lakh.

B.Tech graduates, depending on where you choose to apply are able to receive offers as high as Rs 6 lakh. This is one of the few that goes above and beyond. Add a great location and chance to shine and you’ve a great entry for curated jobs after college.

Company in focus: Amagi

This next-generation media technology company is fast becoming a major player in cloud broadcasts and targetted advertising platforms to a global audience of customers. Amagi Media Labs, beginning as a startup in 2008, today supports a client base in 18 countries. It offers Hyper-Local TV, Cloud-enabled TV Broadcast Infrastructure, Ad Versioning, Complete Channel Playout, Regional Feeds, and Geo-targeted advertising.

And how about the real reasons to consider jobs in Amagi? Employees on Glassdoor and Indeed call it one of the best places to begin your career with, talking about cutting-edge technology and digital ad sales, dealing with large-scale clients in a small team. They also rank it high on management, work culture, salaries and benefits.

There is also a likelihood of stock options for dedicated workers.

Who are they looking for

Keen on considering jobs in Amagi? Then, this is what you should know. The company is looking for a frontend engineer (possibly fresher), who would design and implement new web apps for the website.

2017 graduates, freshers after college in B.Tech, are being targetted for the position and may get Rs 7 lakh + stocks for joining the board. Building next-gen apps, dynamic consumer experiences, front-end solutions and innovations are part of the job.

You would need to demonstrate your know-how of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax and UI technologies. You also need to know JQuery, Ruby on Rails and another framework. Mobile, responsive UI is important too.

Here is the position in detail:

Profile: Software Engineer(Frontend)

Job Location: Bangalore

Courses Required: B.Tech(CS/IT/ECE)/MCA/M.Tech(CS/IT/ECE)

Salary: Rs 7 lakh + Stocks worth Rs 2 lakh

Batch: 2017

Keen on the position? Then click here to apply.

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