Top job opportunities of the week

Top job opportunities of the week


1. IVEDA_Marketing Analyst

About IVEDA:

IVEDA is a boutique Marketing Intelligence firm specializing in Vertical Marketing for Technology companies with proven capabilities to reach key decision makers across 43 Verticals. Their close association with Information Technology companies in the past, has given them an in-depth expertise in technology marketing, while understanding their specific business growth challenges.

Job Description:

– Engage as a Technology Subject Matter Expert to scope & assess current technology deployed, pain points in business & technology acquisition needs.

– Responsible for Customer Acquisition and qualifying prospects via marketing campaign activities.

– Run campaigns targeted at various LOB/ industry verticals and identify quality sales engagement opportunities for direct sales connect.

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2. Digital Marketing

About Qik Rooms:

QIK ROOMS are India’s fastest growing network of affordable premium hotels. Yes, “affordable premium”– allow us to use these two seemingly oxymoronic words together because at Qik Stay they believe luxury is everyone’s necessity!

Job Description:

– Help develop an overall online business strategy. This would include development of marketing campaigns to develop brand awareness and increase online sales.

– Responsible for driving web traffic to increase sales utilizing a range of channels including Media Ads, Paid Search (PPC), Social Media, Display ads, affiliates, E-mail Marketing etc.

– Develop marketing programs to increase sales, analyze existing programs, and create campaigns that improve search engine rankings, increase traffic to the site and strengthen customer loyalty.

– Content Management, including blogging, to increase customer engagement and drive sales.

Skills Required:

– Demonstrable experience, leading and managing 360 degree digital services, like SEO/SEM, marketing database, email, website, mobile, social media and display advertising campaigns

– Highly creative with experience in identifying target audiences and devising digital campaigns that engage, inform and motivate

– Experience in optimising landing pages and user funnels

– Knowledge of website analytics and Social Media tools

– Strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking

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3. iOS Developer

About Work Advantage: 

Founded by alumni of UCLA, Microsoft and Amazon, Advantage Club is India’s largest mobile-first platform for corporate benefits. At Advantage Club, they create mutually rewarding relationships between employers and businesses by managing corporate discounts in India. They enable organizations to incentivize their employees beyond just salary.

Job Description:

– Solid knowing of iOS frameworks and growth

– Willingness to try new technological innovation

– Candidate should be passionate, hard-working, wanting to learn something new

Skills Required:

– Knowledge of iOS Framework

– Work Experience on iOS/iPhone

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